How to write a product description that sell? Contentwriting

How To A Write Product Description That Sell?

The new-age digital technology has been a boon for businesses. But, your online presence means nothing if you have failed to evolve with the emerging marketing techniques to lure the targeted customers correctly. Maybe you have a dynamically designed,  highly responsive website full of striking images, yet the sales chart does not seem to go up. What could be the reason? What else does a business need? The answer is, “product descriptions”! Adding creative and informative product descriptions is the way to entice your targeted customers. But, a lot of people do not know how to a write product description that actually sell! Since these details are a determining factor to increase the purchase rate of any service or product, they have to be effective.

In this blog, we will touch upon every valuable aspect of product description writing, and also discuss ways to excel in this technique.


 What Is A Product Description?

A product description can be seen as a marketing copy consisting of important details about a product and explains what makes it worth purchasing for the customers. Product description writing is meant to provide the customers all the necessary information about a product, along with its attractive features, and useful benefits. The idea is to entice them into buying the product.

If your products are posted on the website along with catchy, and well-informed descriptions it helps in creating a connection with the customers. They are more likely to invest in such products. You do not need to go the extra mile and become a salesperson to boost sales. The product descriptions will do it for you! Thus, it is important to make sure they are unique, innovative, and educate the customers correctly about the products. It plays a huge role in facilitating the decision-making of the customers.

How can we forget the game of high ranking in the digital marketing world? A good product description can also help a website rank higher in the e-commerce industry. It is all about improving your SEO factor. It drives people to the website, which results in sales growth. The increase in conversion rates helps the website to be marked as good by Google which increases its credibility. All this can be achieved with quality product descriptions.


What Makes Having The Best Product Description So Important?

By now you must have understood what exactly product descriptions are. But, why are they so significant for the online shopping ecosystem?

Product descriptions are a smart way to instantly transform the experience of your site into a professional one. They work as a catalyst in the sales of the products. You can clearly understand by checking out some product description examples on any online shopping site.

A person landing on an e-commerce website might possibly have a few questions in mind. For instance, if there is a shoe brand, the customer might want to know the material, color, or any other specific about the product. Now, it does not matter how good the product is, the customer is highly likely to leave the site then and there if a product description is not available.

The detailed product descriptions are the easiest way to make any business look legitimate. It works as a trust-building factor among the customers. On the other hand, a site that does not have well-explained product details might seem like a scam, and unauthentic. Not only that, they are a great way to establish a brand’s voice and boost conversion rates. And, how can we forget about the efficiency of a product description strategy in improving the website’s Search Engine Optimization!

It is undoubtedly a significant way to influence buyers’ decisions and refine their online shopping experience. The web pages that have relevant product images and appropriate product descriptions are ranked at the top, and receive a better response from potential consumers.


Essential Elements Of Product Description Writing

Before we jump in and share with you how to write a product description, let us first look at the basic yet significant elements of product descriptions.


Describe The Details Of The Product:

To begin with, you should focus on identifying the essence of the product, and its purpose. It is a must to include these elements while writing the title of a product. Also, do not forget to insert the keyword here. A good product description example would be, “Women’s Premium Leather Handbag White”.


Mention The Benefits: 

Right underneath the title, you should include the product benefits and features. It is where you can include all the details, and how to use the product. Do not forget to add how it can save a customer’s efforts, money, time, and provide them mental peace.

Once you have explained these points, do mention the product’s features such as weight, color, durability, material, dimensions, other compatible products, and other information in bullet points.



Good-quality product images and videos play an integral role in enticing the customers. Just like a product description, the visuals provide potential buyers with a clear idea about the product highlights. The different angles allow the customers to go through various physical aspects by putting them into action. It is an excellent way to boost confidence among the customers.



Well, a comparison might not be applicable in every scenario. However, it plays a huge part in informing the readers about how a product is better than its competitors in the market.

You can try explaining that a product has the “best resolution in a certain price range”, “made from high-grade material”, “offers supreme protection”, “lower percentage of harmful emissions” to present the comparison. The best way to mention them is with bullet points or a table.


Go Bold & Use Headers: 

Doing this will make it easier for website visitors to scan through the product list. Using bold fonts and appropriate, well-crafted headers is a fantastic way to draw the customer’s attention where you want it. Also, dividing the information separately using bullet points makes the content readable, as well as retains the customers. You can log in to any large-scale e-commerce site, such as Amazon for product description examples straight from the well-established brands. Their product details are well-crafted, to the point, and structured in proper segments.


How To Write A Good Product Description?: A Strategic Approach

It is time to understand the method to write an attention-grabbing and effective product description that actually sells. Since it is a critical tool for marketing your products, the right approach is what you need to attract buyers. Let’s begin!


Do This Before You Start Working On Product Descriptions


There are some factors that you should remember before getting on to product descriptions directly. There are few questions that you should ask yourself. This will help you craft high-quality product descriptions.

  • Identify how do you want to address your potential customers? Do you want to keep the language formal or casual?
  • Ask yourself who are your typical customers?
  • Why do the customers need the product?
  • What expectations could the customers have of the product?
  • How and where can they use the product?
  • What other beneficial information can you provide to the customers to ensure a positive customer experience?

If you look closely, the questions and points we have just mentioned above are a combination of product-related queries and customer inquiries.

If you are still confused about how to write a product description, you can look at it this way- they are just well-written, creatively put-together details that include all the specifications related to a product. Once you figure out the answers to the above-stated set of questions, it becomes easier for you to start framing the descriptions.


Understand Your Target Buyers:

This is the most crucial part of creating a product description that counts. You have to read your audience’s mind first. Building a strong customer profile of an ideal buyer is highly beneficial for running various business operations smoothly. How?

It helps in understanding the buyer’s persona, resulting in a product description that fulfills all the needs of a potential customer.

To explain it better, let us assume that our product is sportswear. In this case, the targeted buyer would be a sportsperson. Now, you have to identify what they would want or need in specific sportswear, how your product beats the competitors, its advantages, material details, sizes, some special features, and everything else. The idea is you have to stick to the “core audience” and communicate in their language.


 Lay Out The Benefits:

I would urge you to check out some popular e-commerce websites, or a brand’s website and analyze their product details. This would be the best way to practically understand our point through live product description examples. You will find that they follow a common strategy, which is, focusing on the benefits and important features of a product.

This is the best way to educate the customers about a product while highlighting its advantages directly. Now, it is equally important to maintain a creative flow, while also inserting positive adjectives to present the traits. This is how you can do it:

  • “Outstanding video quality”
  • “Exceptional sound performance”
  • “Unbeatable color contrast”
  • “Kills 100% of the germs”
  • “Premium quality material”

This is done to ensure that you are only providing your buyers with the relevant information that matters to them. There is no point in adding details that do not even matter. It should provoke a positive emotion in the buyer’s mind. How does it add to their life, and reduce their problems? Doing this will create a lasting impression. It will compel them to add the product to their cart, and buy it right away!


 Storytelling For An Enhanced Experience:

Do you know that evoking the emotional sense of customers is one of the most beneficial marketing strategies? The world of advertising is driven by the belief that emotions are the best way to inspire people, and drive sales. Now, by storytelling, we do not mean that you have to pen down a fairy tale in your copy. The idea is to illustrate a beautiful picture in your product description writing that informs readers about how the product can create a positive impact in their lives.

You do not want to annoy your potential customers with clichéd, or boring lines that make you seem like you are just pitching for your product. Instead, paint a beautiful picture that encourages them to invest in your high-end product that makes their life easier or fun.


 Use The Right Formatting Techniques:

If you are scratching your head thinking about drafting, and how to write a good product description, formatting is the answer. It is important to take care of the format and keep it rich in terms of content as well as readability.

While a product with a higher price range requires plenty of details to ensure the audience is well-informed, you can keep the details concise. Instead of using long paragraphs, go for the bullet points. This way you can smartly present the technical aspects of a product, and that is what matters the most.

Now, you must try writing some eloquent sentences weaved together explaining to the customers why they should invest in these products. Doing this gives buyers a clear idea about the product highlights, quickly. They do not have to go through every single paragraph to understand how the product can serve them.


Include Images & Videos:

It is a common assumption that product description means, all texts. This is certainly not the case. A product page is inclusive of multiple elements that play a huge role in boosting conversion rates. The visuals such as images, and videos, the alt text, everything plays a huge role in building a dynamic product page.

Where words fail, visuals do their magic.

The photos and videos taken from different angles help in answering a lot of questions the users might have in their minds. Product photography is a huge industry in itself. It works effectively in describing a product and what impact it brings in the buyer’s world. It is a great way to develop an emotional sense among the audience.


 Take Care Of The SEO:

If you want the website to rule the internet, leaving all the competitors behind then keywords can help you in that. While indulging in product description writing, you must insert keywords to ensure organic results. This is a helpful practice for SEO, or Search Engine Optimization to increase your site’s ranking.


 Include Words With Sensory Appeal:

Oh yes, this is indeed one of the most successful strategies used by small and large-scale businesses, all over the globe. If you are eager to learn how to write a product description that are highly likely to sell, then just remember to use catchy terms that appeal to the senses of the audience.

Women are more likely to buy a “Velvety, nutty, chocolate mousse made with 70% cocoa, served with dripping hot chocolate syrup”, rather than a simple “chocolate mousse”.

Did you notice what just happened? The first description was quite appealing that is sure to generate a sense of touch, smell, and taste in the reader’s mind. It is enough to light up their mode.


Best Tips To Write Exceptional Product Description Copies

Here are some tips to enhance your product description drafting and writing experience.

  • Do Not Repetitive With Product Descriptions: If you want to maintain the quality quotient among all your products, it is important to keep all the descriptions unique and specific. Duplicated product details are the recipe to lose the search engine rankings. If you run out of ideas, you can take inspiration from different types of product description examples on a successful competitor’s site.
  • Keep The Copy Error-Free: You do not want to present your customers with misspelled words and unstructured sentences. To ensure that the website looks professional, it is important to maintain correct grammatically and spelling in the details. It is always a good idea to proofread the copy and make the necessary changes to ensure a quality outcome.
  • Maintain Clarity: You do not want to stuff the product description section with unwanted and futile words. Although, it is important to go deep and explain the products well. You have to touch every aspect of the product. This can be achieved easily by cutting down the entire content into shorter segments, or in bullet points.
  • Make It Sound Exclusive: In the marketing world, you have to make a customer feel that the access to a specific service or product is exclusive. It makes them feel privileged. Also, do specify how they can enjoy and reap the benefits of the product to its most. This will help them understand how it can be a valuable purchase.



Product description writing isn’t something to be overlooked. They can inform stories, answer questions, and talk to your audience in a manner that builds connections. They also can actually help improve your page’s ranking in search engines and bring more site visitors to your online shop. Make certain they get the attention they deserve! 

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