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  • We help you with attention-grabbing, quality resume writing services that easily surpass the Applicant Tracking System.
  • Our expert team excels in crafting custom resume copies.
  • The certified professionals have a fine grip over various popular resume writing formats and structures.
  • Assured satisfaction with unlimited revisions.
  • Get top-notch quality resume copies at budget prices.
  • We adhere to the deadlines.
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Where Do Other Resume Writing Services Lack?

  • Not interacting with the candidate before starting the resume writing process.
  • The human element is missing in the tone.
  • Incapacity in sticking to the deadlines.
  • The resume lacks essential information.
  • The unprofessional team does not offer revisions.
  • The charges for the services are too high.
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Professional Resume Writing Services From Top Writers

Cutthroat competition in the market led to the scarcity of jobs. Hence is the need for making an impact with your skills, personality, and most importantly with your resume. Yes, writing a good resume can be your ticket to land on a dream job that you were seeking for years.

Being led by HR professionals, our professional resume writing services leave no stone unturned to leave an everlasting impact on HRs. So, if you are seeking a job opportunity, start with improving your existing resume/CV. Here is what you can expect from us.

  • Quick and easy ordering process where you just have to fill in some relevant information.
  • Best resume writing services from pro-writers who are talented and experienced in this field.
  • Get on-time delivery or get your money back.
  • Free revisions until you are not invited to an interview.
  • We offer keyword-optimized professional resume writing which easily passes through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

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Why You Need A Professional Resume

A professional resume increases the chances to get through the screening process. On the other hand, unprofessional resumes can be easily recognized by experienced HR professionals. Our resume writers are certified and qualified in writing a short, crisp and attractive resume. Additionally, we always take care of pairing you with a writer having relevant industry experience. You should know that here you are not collaborating with a freelancer, instead, you will be offered professional resume writing services who research - draft - refine your resume until and beyond final submission. Here is why you need a professional resume.

  • Professional resume grab holds the employer's attention faster as they are easy to read and scan.
  • A recruiter has less time to go through your resume, hence an elegant looking and crisp resume have higher chances of getting shortlisted. That’s where our resume writing services help in getting you through the hiring process seamlessly.
  • A professional resume is well-formatted and includes the most important information in such a way that it caught the eye of recruiters.
  • We don’t believe in using pre-design templates or formats, rather we write a resume from the scratch for every individual.
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How Resume Writing Service Works?


Applicant’s Introduction

Before writing a resume we would want to know about you, your skillset, personal details, and other information depending on what your resume demands. Besides we would also want to learn about your history and career goals, the same we will mention in your resume. That’s where professional resume writing services differ from others in the market who don’t even care to know about the applicant's background.


Assign a Writer

After having the candidates detailed information we find the most compatible in-house writer to write your resume. Of the 50+ professional resume writers, we choose the one who is having the most relevant experience in writing a resume in your domain. Once finalizing is done, the writer collaborates with you, learns the relevant information, and commits a deadline for resume submission. It’s that easy. Isn’t it!


First Resume Draft

Here comes the most awaited first draft of your resume. Exciting though, but that’s where most edits take place if the candidate needs them. We believe the process of writing a great resume has to pass through multiple cuts and edits because that’s where the candidates get to know about themselves better. This makes it easy for candidates to crack an interview. After revision, the resume takes the shape of a well-curated final draft ready for submission.


Resume Submission and You Start Getting Results

Once our writer completes a resume with necessary edits and modifications, the same is submitted to the candidates. Now it’s ready to bring in more leads for interviews and more chances for you to land a good job. So, top writers are here for writing resume so that you can get a high-paying job matching your qualifications. Connect with the experts today!

Characteristics Of A Good Resume Writing

A resume is a brief of one’s proof of identity, qualification, and envisioned career track. It is an official arrangement of one’s personal inventory. In simple words, writing a resume could be defined as a written statement that comprises a person’s personal information, educational qualifications and employment history, etc. Apart from the resume, it is also known as curriculum vitae, CV, qualifications document, or qualification brief. It represents as an advertisement for a person’s educational qualifications and excites the prospective employers to call the person to the interview.

Therefore, it is absolutely clear that a resume is an authentic and honest statement that elaborates a person’s personal, educational, and employment material. A job applicant makes a proper resume and submits it along with his application for a job. If you are looking for the best resume writing service in USA then you are in right place. We, at contentwriting marketing, are here to help you in preparing an outstanding resume. We also make a custom resume which generally comprises name and address, educational history, work experience, accomplishments and awards, personal information like nationality, gender, religion, age, hobby, etc., and other related references.

Characteristics Of A Good Resume

A resume perfectly elaborates one’s educational background, work experience, and other personal material. One of the important resume writing tips is a good and well-written resume always inspires a potential employer to employ the resume holder. A superlative resume should possess the subsequent features or qualities:

Correct Information – A successful resume should always include correct information. It must be free from exaggeration and incorrect information.

Add LinkedIn Profile URL – Any job seeker who is in the competitive game has always a well-written LinkedIn profile, the networking document to benefit your targeted resume. If you have an unmatched LinkedIn profile page to match your professional resume, send potential employers to it as a method to show them you’re a real player.

Comprehensive Disclosure – A precise and effective resume writing presents comprehensive information about the applicant. The related information comprises recognizing information, career or job objective, educational history, past employment experience, related references, etc., without complete disclosure of these facts, a prospective employer cannot examine a resume.

Short Paragraphs – Shorter is unquestionably better when it comes to writing good paragraphs. People who usually read a bulk of resumes don’t want to read a novel. So, try to put yourself in their shoes and make their job quite simpler; paragraphs of no longer than two or three lines are preferred. In addition, the bold text helps to highlight key information.

Proper Formatting – A resume can be created in diverse formats like chronological format, functional format, and a combination of chronological and functional format. Choice of format completely depends on the nature of data or material to be comprised in the resume; choice of a suitable format for specific information will noticeably improve its acceptability as well as appeal.

Up-To-Date information – A professional resume always conations up-to-date information. A resume is the only datasheet that an employer has in identifying whether to call the application in the interview or not. Thus, the resume must be up-to-date comprising the latest skills, work experiences, and abilities.

Fresh And Striking – A potential employer gets an initial impression about the job application from the look and feel of the resume. It shows the carefulness as well as the eagerness of the application towards the job. Hence, the resume must be well-ordered, fresh, and striking. Its attractiveness absolutely depends on clear writing, arrangement of the writing, superiority of papers, essential margin, etc.

Conciseness – A good and appropriate resume must be concise in nature. The inclusion of needless data or repetition of information might annoy the employer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have got so many reasons to tell you why you should hire a resume writer from us. Our writers are experienced and follow professional practices to write a resume. They are well-versed with industry needs and with what’s new in the market. Our writers believe in conducting complete research about candidates and weaves the same in the resume. Also, they don’t follow a set pattern or pre-design templates while writing a resume as it doesn’t give a fresh and unique appeal.
Yes! We have a fleet of 50+ writers who can write resumes for candidates belonging to any industry. Be you from IT, Financial Services, Health care, Consumer Retail, Manufacturing, Legal professional, Software, High tech, Oil & Gas, or any other industry, our writers can craft a resume for you. We have hired writers from different domains who can write on their specialization quickly and easily after communicating with the candidate.
Yes! We have a team of 50+ qualified, talented, and professional writers. Some of them are former certified career coaches, recruiters, and professionals who specialize in 30+ industries cumulative. Such a vast experience helps candidates in having a well-crafted resume which can leave an everlasting impact on employers, hence increasing the chances of getting higher. Additionally, we pair up the writers by matching their qualifications with that of the candidates. This strategy helps both the writers and the candidates which result in a streamlined process.
Our writer-candidate collaboration process is quite smooth. We first analyze a candidate's qualification, professional background, and relevant experience, thereafter we match it with a writer’s profile. Then comes the matchmaking where we collaborate with the most suitable writer. Thereon a writer calls you up and collects relevant information that needs to be included in the resume. All this process is completely confidential and highly collaborative.
Our resume writing services will help you learn the most desired job. What can be better than a satisfying career! With so many candidates around hunting for the same job, you should stand out in terms of skills, personality and not to forget a professional-looking resume. Here are the key benefits of taking or professional resume writing services.
  • Increase your chances of getting hired by three times as compared to the others who rely on a self-written resume.
  • Our elegant resume gets you noticed easily amongst others.
  • Recruiters value those candidates who have a well-curated and professionally written resume. Our resume format is designed in a way to highlight your skill-set and key personality traits.
Our resume writing process is very smooth and it starts with getting to know you and learning about your educational background, profession, and career goals. After collecting sufficient information, we proceed with the matchmaking process, and soon after a professional resume writer gets in touch with you. Once a writer collaborates with you, he or she writes the first draft and submits it to you for necessary edits. Once you are satisfied with the content, the resume goes for final submission procedures. In case you want some modifications, the assigned writer makes needed alterations.

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