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What is a white paper and why you should choose us to write the one? A white paper is an in-depth authoritative report or how-to guide of a specific problem presenting the best possible solution. It may also include information about product features, product service, etc. Here are the reasons that make us the strong contender in providing the white paper service.

  • We believe in delivering only quality content to customers.
  • Our White Paper Builds Authority.
  • Our writers know how to write a white paper that strategically caters to your industry.
  • With us you get free revisions till satisfaction.
  • Our high-quality white papers build authority, generate leads, and help you earn massive revenues.

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Avail of our professional written white paper writing copies to display your knowledge, grip, and expertise over your industry-specific topics. This is your chance to build authority among your target audience and emerge as the business leader! We have a team of well-trained and enthusiastic white paper writers. All our specialists have mastered the tactics of crafting tailor-made, compelling copies that intelligently attract your potential customers! There's a long list of industries that we serve. Let's check that out!

  • IT
  • Financial Services
  • Health Care
  • Current Affairs
  • Consumer Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Higher Education
  • Legal Services
  • Software
  • High Tech
  • Oil & Gas
  • Industrial

Searching for your industry name? We are here to serve you at cost! Provide your topic details, and our team will start working on it right away.

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Types of White Paper That We Master!

For us writing a white paper means crafting a masterpiece that includes engaging-yet-informative product information. As per the white paper definition, it has to be extremely well-structured, information must be credible and high-on-information. However, all white papers are not the same and they have different flavors all together. Here are the different flavors of white paper examples that we master.


The Backgrounder

It is a detailed white paper format that features the specifications and includes the benefits of a product. One of the most popular white papers, The Backgrounder delves deeper into the product or service descriptions. It works as an amazing source for explaining an unfamiliar, fairly new, or misunderstood product to a technical audience. However, to get optimum results in terms of leads generation, The Backgrounder should be used only if your company ranks in Fortune 500 or so.


The Numbered List

This is special amongst other white paper examples in that it showcases the set of questions and answers. It also includes the points regarding some important issues in a numbered format. The Numbered List has a highly structured while paper format which provides a set of tips, questions, or points about some pertinent issue. It is also known as the fastest and easiest white paper that readers love the most due to its short, simple, and lively nature.


The Problem/Solution

The problem/solution white paper writing service describes a continuously increasing industry problem, current solution, the drawbacks and also includes a new improved approach that may work wonders. It is also called a logical white paper format that presents logic and facts for solving a particular problem. The problem/solution white paper portrays a step-by-step solution to tackle a problem. It is often considered the best way to demonstrate your company’s values and shows that you like to do things in a particular fashion yet innovatively.


Numbered List + Problem/Solution

This is the first kind of mashup that is exclusively offered by us which includes the elements of numbered list & problem/solution white paper service. It provides a lighter version of how to solve industry problems. This forms a unique white paper texture that involves three critical industry challenges and typically structures like a problem/solution white paper. The numbered list + problem/solution white paper includes a solution at the end, a checklist, and the conclusion to summarise the content.


Numbered List + Backgrounder

Mashup number two offered by our flagship is a mix-up of numbered lists and a backgrounder white paper template. This white paper works really well when you want to lighten up a backgrounder and want to include product-specific FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) on competitors. The numbered list + background white paper consists of at least 20 must-have features for a particular product or service. It includes a checklist that demonstrates the capability of a product manufacturer or service provider and establishes them as a market leader.

Characteristics Of A Good White Paper Writing

So, you’ve decided to create a white paper but you don’t have much idea about what is a white paper and how to write a white paper? So, in simple words, we can say that white papers are a well-known and powerful tool for content marketers. They could be used to place your organization as a thought leader, to present beneficial and convincing research and info about your products as well as services, and to create leads.

Here are some important factors to turn your innovative ideas into a profitable paper:

1. Crystal Clear Objectives

The objectives shouldn’t stop over at “build brand awareness” or “create more leads.” Your objectives must go profound into precisely who you wish to bull's eye for the paper, what they know and what this relevant information will make them do.

2. Qualitative Data

Data without context isn’t a white paper template, it’s actually a spreadsheet. So, try to think about interviewing thought leaders in your realm to get their views or thoughts on the topic that you’re writing about. If you don’t have much time or good resources, then add thoughts of your own: add quotes answering why you desired to ask certain questions or why some particular answers surprised you. Uncalled-for to say that this isn’t meant to be a PDF about your personal likings, but an excellent and sturdy white paper merges hard numbers along with views and ideas.

As you think of what content to add to your white paper, then try to look into adding case studies from patrons. Case studies demonstrate how the info and data you’re presenting are found in the area and adds good credibility to your findings.

3. A Succinct Summary

Think of the whole white paper as a pot of tea and the brief is a spoonful that your readers taste to check if they like the flavour. If it’s something that tastes fascinating to them, they will always keep reading profound into your data as well as research.

A good white paper example is completely meant to give detailed insight that even the most thorough blog post/article/SEO-based blog can’t cover all at once. Convince your readers what they’re getting into with the brief and direct them in to read more.

4. Data Should Be Correct & Transparent

Colleagues are pressure to talk about the consequences report and compared it with the financial info and data on the laptop or computer system screen.

You wish your white paper to be a source for others writers in your field or anyone who desires to learn more about the paper’s subject. If the information and data you are using must be unique, share as much of it as possible. For instance, share a data point and then comprise the sample size that direct to that number, or describe how you accomplished the sample size and how you went about collecting responses. This information lets other thought leaders take that information and easily convince it for their blog posts, articles, websites, and others. The source surely lands back to you and builds your name up.

Also, if you acquired information from another source, properly list out where you go it from and also give full credit where credit is due. When you do this, it displays that you’re not partial or merely out to make a profit.

Well-written white papers facilitate you build authority, enhance your reliability, reflect your company in your sphere, and facilitates generate qualified leads. So, if you are looking for the best white paper writing service company in USA, then come to contentwriting marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A perfectly crafted white paper should include a problem and its solution. This document also focuses on the new trends, latest techniques, industry comparisons, etc. It all starts with choosing an accurate and interesting title. Thereafter a white paper format includes an abstract that offers a brief overview of the main points covered herein. Further, the problem statement is specified and then a solution is provided in the end.
We have a dedicated team of white paper writers committed to presenting the clients with a soul-satisfying experience. All our subject matter experts hold proficiency across major consumer and business markets. Once the client approves an outline, our professional writers get into the research work. Further, we survey the data, commentary and evaluation from multiple credible sources. As we are done with your first draft, we will share it with you right away. If the customers provide feedback, we make the necessary changes quickly.
The writing specialists in our team are hand-picked through the stringent selection process. We put all our efforts to ensure our team only has qualified members who can easily handle even the most complicated projects. Hence, we are empowered with a professional team of certified writers. Further, all the selected candidates go through a rigorous training process. This guarantees effective white paper copies within the promised deadlines.
A typical white paper consists of every detail of a product or service, problem, and solution. The word length may go up to 3000 or 5000 words, hence writing such a critical document may take somewhere between 24 to 50 hours to complete. This timing may fluctuate depending on a particular project or if your white paper needs content for interviews, research, drafting, or diagrams. The appropriate timing can only be decided upon discussion with our content strategist. Our expert will listen to your inputs, discuss his point of view, and get started with writing.
There could be different reasons for companies producing white papers – to get the leads or establish themselves as a market leader are most vital of them all. Here are some more possibilities due to which some big companies focus on creating a white paper.
  • Educating the potential customers.
  • Educating the marketing team or channel partners.
  • To educate the media about a specific product.
  • To influence the selection committee.
  • To demonstrate their authority as a market leader.
  • To pace up with the competition that already has a white paper.
There are several reasons due to which people prefer to read a white paper.
  • To research before possible purchase.
  • To find a solution to the problem.
  • Before making up our mind to shortlist a vendor.

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