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Product Description Writing Examples That Sells Strategy

The ultimate motto of writing a product description is convincing the customer to tap on the “add to cart” option. Sounds easy, but practically, it is not. Here are some product description writing examples that will help you understand the power of the product description. In this guide, you will learn the nest and unique strategies with top product descriptions.


What Is Product Description?

A product description is the market copy created to inform customers about the in-out details of the products. It can include features, size, weight, the procedure of use, usage, and more. A product description is valuable for both the producer and the customers.

  • It helps businesses to target customers and interact with genuine customers.
  • It helps customers to understand the usage and importance of the product.
  • A customer-friendly and seo-friendly description helps to improve the rank of the website and drive organic traffic.
  • It helps in increasing sales and builts long-term customers.

All In all, a well-written product description can do this all and more.


How To Write An Impressive Product Description?

A product description is a biodata that must include the crucial details useful from the customer’s point of view. Based on this, the customer will take further action. Hence, you should also take care of these key aspects explained below

How To Write An Impressive Product Description
    • What is the product for? 

    Here, you can identify the major utility of the product and inform customers of the product usage.


    • Who is the product for? 

    Product varies from customer to customer. While beard cream will be preferable for men, beautiful cosmetic boxes will be for women. Some products cannot be segregated based on gender but profession. Like, a strong and lightweight backpack is what both the office-goers and students would shop for.


    • When can the product be used?

    It’s not about time but can include the weather, occasion, condition, and season.


    • Where can the product be used?

    You can categorize them as indoor and outdoor products. For example, a carpet which can be used in the hall or bedroom while the airbags can be carried even on the tours.


    • Why is the product better than the competitor?

    You may not be required to speak directly pointing your competitor, instead, can include the details which are missing and the customers desire to see. From quality to value or discount, you can add anything.


    • How does the product work?

    This section may not go with all products, but with electronic products, it’s a must-have feature. Beise that, products which are movable or portable like a folding chair, then also you should add this section.


    Top Product Description Writing Examples

    Now, it’s time to go through the top product description writing examples, and learn the strategy they use in selling success.


    1. Know your target audience: Salt Lamp

    It’s a common feature of writing where the writer should be aware of its target audience. In the case of product description also, you should know who your ideal users are. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer and focus on these aspects:

    • Keyword: you would use it to find a specific product on the internet.
    • Phrases:  will help you reach the product supplier.
    • What words you would like and dislike about the product.
    • What is that you would want the most in a specific product?

    These questions will help you target your customers based on the activities and their expectations of your product.

    Let’s take an example of the Himalayan Salt Lamp:

    In its description, it says,“ made from 100% Himalayan salt rock”, “purifying the air”, and “reducing dust, and allergens from the air”.

    Here, the description has defined the buyer persona. Someone who wants organic products that improve health and the environment around him/her would go for this product.


    2. Answers for 5Ws and 1Hs: DeWalt 

    This is the popular method. Most journalists use it to answer the questions of their readers. You can also use this method and present your customers with complete and essential information on a single platform.

    In the Dewalt description, you will get through all the details like; why should you buy this drill; because it’s compact and lightweight, fits well in tight space; has a long-lasting battery, and offers excellent performance. The details will take a max of 30 seconds and the customer is sorted to make a decision.


    3. Rich images that expand imagination: GoPro

    Visuals have a great impact on your decision and activity. If you notice, products with better quality images are most preferred and trusted.

    In the GoPro image if you notice the life is so thrilling that anyone who would want to live it once, will surely approach it. The customers can sense the robustness of  HERO7 and the coolness that comes with it.

    Further, almost all car dealerships offer a test drive. It creates a positive effect on the final decision and instills a feeling of satisfaction in the customer.


    4. Present product features as benefits: Google Home

    Metaphors are not always complimentary. You can be simple and still appreciated by customers like Google Home.

    It’s bliss when your product can sell itself. All you need to do is highlight its feature either in text or in visuals, or both.

    Try experimenting with rhyming words that are one-liner and easy to understand. For instance, Google Home says, “Say it to play it.” You can sense the purpose and the length of words is just 6 words long.


    5. Write for the customer: Supreme

    With writing comes freedom of thought hence, you can also create a product description you want. There is no hard and fast rule for writing the description. it’s just the guidelines are preferred by the marketers.

    However, some marketers like to experiment with new things like humorous and downright descriptions of Supreme. It says, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.” It may not work for all but those who have a desire or are regular customers of Supreme.


    Final Thought 

    Only if you are aware of your potential customers, then you can write the description and will lure them. Further, it’s also your responsibility to share all the crucial denials with your customers. Therefore, you can take guidance from our guide product description writing examples and come up with an effective and thrilling product description. Nonetheless, if you are a growing entrepreneur, you can take advantage of our product description writing services available 24/7 across the world.

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