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  • Delivering the copies without proofreading them.
  • Not adhering to the structure, style, and tone of writing.
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What Script Writing Services We Deliver!

It’s tougher than a simple stroke of a pen to perfectly fit a brand concept, a business service, or a global ad message inside a few slides. And that’s why you require an expert when it comes to scriptwriting.

At contentwriting marketing, we can provide you with what you need when it comes to high-quality script writing. We always try to deliver content that motivates action. We craft actionable content that participates in your audience and inspires them to take the desired action. Whether you need –

  • An impactful Commercial video script
  • A catchy YouTube video script
  • Well-research Explainer video script
  • An extraordinary Whiteboard video script
  • A memorable Advertisement script, and many more

We are here for you to provide unmatched content every time you need it. Whether you are a start-up or a big established enterprise, we craft appealing as well as most relevant content with a simple objective to convey your strong message to the target audience in the proper manner that connects with them. Also, the script services we create facilitate in driving the interest of the audience and growing searches and hence sales.

Besides, we have a huge pool of proficient writers who exactly comprehends the art of writing. Our writers (drawn from different industries) can easily write good quality content for any industry. Whether you want niche content or wholesale; we can manage projects of any size, and any type. Before delivering any content, our editorial squad checks it cautiously to polish it.

Moreover, the complete gratification of our precious clients is our ultimate goal. If our clients are pleased, we are a happy company. We take time to comprehend what our client requires. Also, we undertake infinite revisions to make the content fully satisfactory to our clients. We provide superlative content and extensive support to our national as well as international clients.

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What Sets Our Script Writing Services Apart?

Script writing is a seamlessly aligned arrangement of a beautiful story and its elements to attain an emotional response from a reader or audience. An exceptional script easily relates to the reader on a personal level where the characters, responses, events as well as consequences are presented in a well clear manner.

  • Hiring the best content company for your script writing needs facilitates you to gain control of the finished product.
  • A broader range of skill sets is available at your disposal to get a premium quality script.
  • Save time as well as multitask although your script is in good hands.
  • Get your work done at a pocket-friendly price rather than hire a script writer on a salary basis.

You need not write a script if it isn’t your strength. Rather assign it to professional script writers who provide you with a properly written script that is striking and relates to the audiences on an emotional level.

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Unique Features Of Our Script Writing Services


Our script writing help services are delivered by talented writers, who follow all the proper format of a nice script that could be turned into a motion picture, documentary, or short film in the future.


The scripts written by our professional writers are written well within the timeline specified by you. Our reasonable prices do not affect the top quality of the services whereas our writers adhere stringently to the timeline.


Our highly skilled team is always accessible for any essential correction in the document that isn’t pleasing as per your requirement. Our customer assistance crew guides you to the exact writer you require.

Characteristics Of A Good Script Writing

A good and unique explainer video has the strong power to tell a convincing story about your business in the first 60-seconds. But before you begin thinking about the sugary illustration and animation, you require to pour everything you have into writing a commercial script. A very well-researched, written, and the engaging script is the basis for an effective explainer video. Without the precise foundation, the rest of the creation procedure is in otiose.

Consequently, what can you do to ensure your video is a killer and not just a nap inducer? It takes off with good preparation – understanding your audience, your clear message and your call-to-action is needed. Beyond that, here are few characteristics to assist you with scriptwriting.

1. Always Keep The Script Precise And Short

The duration of your script will absolutely depend on your audience. An incarcerated audience in an auditorium bears about eight to ten minutes before starting to drift. An Internet surfer popping by your online site tends to check out after three to four minutes depending on how appropriately compelling your material is and whether or not he/ she needs your product.

2. Try To Put Your Message In The Initial 30 Seconds

Cut down the message of your whole video to one to two sentences and try to get that particular sentence somewhere in the initial 30 seconds of the script. This helps in telling the audience what to pay attention to in the explainer/ commercial/ YouTube video.

3. Voice Straight To The Audience

The simplest method to tell to an audience is just to use personal pronouns such as ‘you’ and ‘your’. Apart from this, there is one more way just to engage your audience is to show them things they care intensely about. Even though you might be delighted with your second-quarter earnings, what they care about is whether you can assist them to enhance their own bottom line. Never waste precious time expressing to your audience what they already know. Emphasize instead what they require to know about you that will bring them to the faith you and to take the appropriate action you wish them to take. Don’t talk down to your viewers or over their heads. Also, try to make friends with them and they will be far more probably to give you an opportunity to sell them something.

4. Use Correct Tone

Have a picture of your patron in mind when picking the tone of your video. Write a one-sentence brief elaborating why you are creating the video and what you wish the viewer to do at the close of it. This will recommend a tone for your ended video. You might think you want a talking head in an office, a short-lived classroom-style presentation, a light-hearted romp, a bold outdoorsy documentary, or a bright animated review.

If you have story-driven characters, visualize actual people as mental placeholders. It’s much simpler to write authentic dialogue if you are writing for scripted scripts for someone whose habits and movements you know brilliantly. The tone you decide for your video will then lead your selection of setting, narrator or cast, tempo, pace, and type of dialogue for the good and powerful script.

5. Tell A Good And Connecting Story

Dry facts, data, figures, and definitions are perfectly fine in the classroom, but unless your explainer video is for students imprisoned in a classroom, evade dead content whenever possible. In its place, use the strong power of the screen to display your audience real people your company has supported, or advantages your services have bestowed on your patrons. Human beings make connecting stories about themselves to facilitate them define who they are. The greater you tell stories about yourself, the better your viewers are going to comprehend what your company is providing and what it can do for them.

6. Use Humour Wisely

Humour is a most effective and proven tool for great story-telling so long as humour helps your message. Ensure your tries at humour fit flawlessly within the story you’re trying to tell, and always keep in mind that inappropriate or poorly timed humour can be off-putting and might actually put off prospective customers. So, you could attempt to comprise well-written and quality humour in your script, but sometimes it’s more efficient to present humour as a slice of the on-screen animation.

We, at contentwriting marketing, know and understand the importance of script writers and scriptwriting in creating an effective video either its explainer, YouTube, whiteboard, or commercial. That is why; we have appointed an experienced crew with unbelievable writing skills, expertise, and experience for our script scripting services. Also, we work devotedly towards accomplishing results that delight you. So, if you are looking for script writers for hire then contact us immediately, we will be glad to assist you.

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Our enthusiasm to renovate the content industry and give the highest satisfaction to our clients is what makes us absolutely unique. We have the best writers and editors in the industry to make sure that you receive the finest content.
The process is very easy. You can place an order on our website or you can just call us and give us a few important details such as the word count, format, and domain of your content. Furthermore, you can also share with us some examples of content you like, so our writers can comprehend your needs better.
Creating authentic and relatable content is the key to becoming unforgettable in the minds of your audience. With PNJ Marketing, you have full-fledged access to a pool of more than 100 writers from all across the country with knowledge access to every possible domain. Within the bunch of these writers, we take out the best for your domain to work particularly on your projects. As a result, we are very well equipped to deliver you the best script writing services in India.
We generally take up to five-six working days to deliver your content. For larger projects, we will inform you of the actual submission deadline.
Our in-house proof-readers comb through every single piece of content to get rid of any errors as well as plagiarism.
Yes, you can. As per our script writing policy, the moment you purchase content from us, all content will be published online under your name, and it will be owned by you only. We eliminate our copyright once you made complete payment for it and delivered it to you.
We accept payments through several modes, comprising net banking, credit/debit cards, UPI, and NEFT in case of bigger transactions.
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