how to writer a newsletter

How To Write A Newsletter That Counts?

The internet has been a boon to the marketing world due to its swiftness, reachability, and abundance of mediums to communicate with the audience. One such tactic which the marketers have adapted is email marketing. Newsletters are an integral part of the email marketing strategy which disseminates the crucial information of a business to the targeted audience. In this blog, we will present to you our in-depth analysis on the essential elements of a newsletter, and how to write a newsletter that creates the right impression on the audience.


What Is A Newsletter?

An email newsletter is a popular tool utilized by organizations and businesses across the globe to maintain a fair flow of valuable and relevant information with their web of prospective buyers, existing customers, and subscribers.

Newsletter services are an excellent approach to land directly into your audience’s inbox to share significant data, information, or any form of considerable content. It works effectively to encourage sales, while also earning a sure in the traffic to your website.

The best part is, it is comparatively easier to track the progress of your business goals through email campaigns. It also opens doors for creating substantial modifications leading to higher chances of winning the game.


Best Practices For Newsletter Writing: Essential Elements

Whether it is a small-sized business or a full-fledged enterprise, monthly newsletter content services are highly beneficial as a part of the marketing strategy. To achieve the best results in email marketing, your newsletters have to be customized as per the requirements of your intended recipients.

In your newsletter, it is crucial to pay attention to its design, value, and content for promising results.

The design has to be responsive and sleek, else even the most compelling content will go in vain. The calls to action have to be appropriately placed, in a way that they should direct your audience to interesting conversion landing pages.


Here are some of the major elements that you should consider while writing a newsletter


  • The Header

    Have you ever noticed the glossy pages of magazines that motivate the readers to check them out? Headers play a similar role in newsletters! The masthead of your newsletter should speak the voice of your branding. It must have the ability to encourage the audience to read further.


  • There is no doubt that the logo of any brand should include a specific color scheme to leave a lasting impression on the readers’ minds. This is an excellent way to make them familiar with your brand. It also reminds them of the value that you bring to their life.


  • Images

    If you look at some of the most exciting newsletter examples, even in your own email inbox, you will that they contain vibrant images. The usage of imagery or visuals depends on the brand. What remains the same is the vividness of these illustrations.


  • Content Format

    Your newsletter has to follow a specific layout for content. Adding headers and sub-headings makes it easier for the audience to go through the content all at once, and understand your message.


  • Customization

    The value of your newsletter services double up by including the customization elements. This involves addressing each recipient/subscriber by their name for a more personal experience. This can be achieved by integrating the CRM data to generate this information.

Since by now you have understood what is a newsletter, it is important to note that the content in your newsletter must contain relevant information as per the audiences’ needs. Also, it should be of immediate value. This way, it helps the readers to understand the latest industry trends and news. You can also add some useful tips concerning a particular topic.


How To Achieve Maximum Deliverability Of Your Newsletters?


Most of the times email newsletters do not even reach the inbox of the targeted address! There are various digital hurdles along the way such as ISP spam protocols, individual account settings, and email service provider algorithms. Hence, the emails with business intent fail to reach the audience.

But, there are some possible ways to increase the deliverability of your emails.


  • Reputation Building

    When a brand is a novice in newsletter services, and then instantly sends a pile of marketing emails to the subscribers you know what happens? The ISP is likely to flag the account and mark it as spam. Thus, it is important to first build the faith by taking small steps.


  • Maintain A Clean List: 

    Another important point is to keep a clean list of subscribers’ addresses. Mark the duplicated ones, look for the typing errors and keep an eye on the email accounts bouncing the emails back to you.


  • Provide The Option To Unsubscribe: 

    As per the CAN-SPAM act, 2003, it is an obligation to provide the readers with the option to unsubscribe from your list as per their will. Hence, remember to include the link to unsubscribe at the footer of all your emails.


  • Keep It Mobile Friendly:

    As we are all aware that people like to browse their emails on the go, via mobile phones. Thus, keep your newsletter templates mobile-friendly by keeping the code clean.


  • Email List Management Through Outsourcing:

    In the market, there are several options available for email subscriber list management, newsletter content services, etc.  If you do not want to be marked as spam (which, of course, you don’t), outsourcing is the best choice for any business as it enables them to focus on business growth strategies.


Achieve Maximum Results In Newsletter Writing: Tips & Strategies

Are you looking for ways to upgrade your newsletter services quotient? Are you someone who wants to master the technique of newsletter writing?

Whatever may be your agenda, these tips will help you in improving your newsletter development experience.


  • Analyze Lucrative Newsletter Examples

It is not uncommon for people to feel lost before they even start with the writing process. The best way to have a clear understanding of this concept is by check checking out newsletter examples from some of the industry leaders. This will provide you with a clear idea about newsletters, how they are drafted, factors that make it worth reading, and a lot more!


  • Do You Really Need A Newsletter?

Often businesses just want to be a part of the rat race. They start adopting every strategy blindly, without even considering whether or not they need it. Thus, you must first evaluate how email newsletter marketing can benefit your business. Once you are sure it can be fruitful for your organization’s growth, the next step should be doing the research work.

Analyze your business goals, and look for authentic resources with relevant information that can lead to growth. This is when you examine if newsletters could be beneficial for a possible spike in the number of leads. Accordingly, collect the data, design a plan, discuss it with the team, and get started with working on the newsletter content services.


  • Identify Your Needs

Now there is another challenge involved in launching or managing email newsletter services. The newsletters are sometimes not focused, and rather all messed up as they support various aspects of a business. This results in a blunder.

It is essential to keep the newsletter held with a common thread. You can achieve it by keeping the copies specific to a single topic instead of just being random. When thoughts are aligned to specified interests, there are higher chances of engagement among the audience.


  • Balancing Of Content Is Essential

Many times the audience just does not take interest in the newsletters. The reason is simple, they are too focused on promoting the brand and there is very little information related to the audience’s interest.

What one must do is – keep the content of your newsletter services, 10% at the promotional end, and focus 90% of the copy on educating the audience.

It gives a chance to the subscribers to learn something new every time they hear from you, resulting in a positive experience. Else, you will just be self-boasting which anybody is unlikely to be interested in. Balance the content in such a way that it educates the readers timely. If there is something huge then you may share it immediately with your subscribers.


  • Lay Down Your Expectations

By now you have all the right ideas about your goals, and how to balance your content in a way so that it brings quality to your audience. The next utterly important thing is to ensure that you are communicating everything on the landing page itself.

There is no need to beat around the bush. The right thing to do is to get to the point directly. It is also essential to inform the potential subscribers about what they can expect by choosing your newsletter services, and how often you will be communicating with them. Do not forget to provide a preview link with some exciting and catchy content. This is a great way to ensure educated subscribers in your list, who are genuinely interested in the services. As a result, you can expect a substantial decline in spam or unsubscribe rates.


  • Bring Out The Creativity

Just because a person has subscribed for your regular emails does not mean they will surely open your messages. One of the biggest mistakes marketers commit is over-using the subject line every day, week, or even every month. They assume that it will build a familiarity factor for their brand among the customers. But, that is not really the case!

Sooner or later the subscribers start finding those same punches boring and lose interest in your newsletters. It often happens since these repeated subject lines do not bring anything to the subscribers’ table. Then, why should they even consider reading your email?

So, what can be done then? The best way to deal with this issue is by adopting a different approach. It is time you get a little creative with the subject lines and bring the engagement element. Keep it unique for each newsletter you send out, even better if you can customize it as per the content.

This approach is likely to hook the recipients and compel them to read your email. It creates a curiosity factor in the receiver’s mind, and entices them, motivating them to check out what’s more there.


  • Choose A Primary Call-To-Action

So, generally, you will be adding multiple calls to action while writing a newsletter, as there is a lot of content featuring different aspects. However, this approach means you are giving equal importance to each one of the CTAs.

The right way to deal in this case is to add a primary call to action. This has to be the place where you are aiming to direct your subscribers. It has to reflect your goal.

You can consider all other CTAs as an option, where your subscribers may visit. Now, you may be redirecting them to check out a blog or share the newsletter with their friends and family. Be direct while presenting your motives, there should be no room for second-guessing.


  • Keep It Simple

Another common mistake that a lot of businesses end up making is presenting a cluttered copy to their subscribers. When an email is full of unstructured content, and a very loud design the audience is likely to feel overwhelmed and skip it.

Email marketers should make it a point to maintain minimalism in their newsletters. This means, there should be plenty of white space. Also, the copy has to be crisp, and concise. It encourages the audience to read your emails. This is highly applicable for mobile phone users.

You can try adding a brief of content, and then a link that directs the subscribers to read the rest of the blog or article. There are professional newsletter content services in the market with a perfect recipe to do this for the audience.


  • Alt Text In The Images

There is no denying the fact that visuals play a vital role in the digital marketing world. And, same goes for email marketing, which makes images a game-changing factor for your newsletters.

However, there is a slight issue. Usually, people do not enable images in emails. But, there is a successful way to deal with this problem and that is “Alt text”.

Alt-text is a concisely written description of an image. When an image does not load, alt text appears instead. If a business relies highly on its images for marketing and CTAs, then it is crucial to ensure that the subscribers click on it even if their images are not enabled.


  • A Choice To Unsubscribe

Okay, we know that there is no way you want to lose your subscribers! But, this works the best if you wish to retain your existing subscribers, and keep the ones who are actively engaging with your emails. And, you do not want to play here by hiding the unsubscribe tab behind visuals without alt text.

It is paramount to provide a clear “unsubscribe” option in your newsletter services. This way you are sure to maintain a list of subscribers who are genuinely interested in hearing from you. Your emails will be less likely to move into the spam folder.


  • Run The Trial

Now, there are possibilities that what works for a business, may not work for you. There are various factors that a business has to consider before launching its email marketing campaign. Thus, it will take a business some trials and errors before achieving success in their strategies. A lot depends on your subscriber list, too.

Hence, it is best to apply and test different approaches before finalizing anything.


Go Experimental & Figure Out What Works For You!

Here are some ways to make increase engagement in your newsletter services.


  • Concise Subject Lines With Fun Factor: 

    It is essential to keep the subject lines short, and to the point. This instantly provokes the reader’s thoughts. But, here is another thing you can do; keep the subject lines somewhat inclined towards humor. It will keep the mood light and spark their interest with a little smile. There are higher chances of an increase in the click-through rates.


  • Compelling CTA Copy: 

    It is important to test out what your subscribers like in terms of CTA language, and design. Some people like vivid, bright images, whereas others, may prefer something simple. Hence, you must first identify what resonates best with your audience and represents the voice of your brand.


  • Skip The Images: 

    Yes, you read it correctly! Most of the times emails contain exciting images to entice the readers, however, they can be skipped. If you are routing for a sincerely written piece of content then you can strip the images from your email.

This is a wonderful way to keep the newsletter de-cluttered, giving you enough space to add some CTAs.


  • Mobile-Friendly Layout: 

    Everyone likes to browse through their email list quickly on their mobile phones. This is something to be considered while choosing a layout. You can look up newsletter examples with a highly functional design that is pleasant to look at, ideal for mobile users. This way, both the desktop users, as well as mobile users, get to have a great experience, offering a higher engagement rate for your business.

It is essential to assess the specific requirements of a business before jumping into the email marketing race.



Newsletters are an excellent medium to communicate with the audience. However, a poorly structured newsletter copy that lacks essential elements is enough to make or break your brand’s image among the existing customers and potential subscribers. This marketing technique requires some testing stages to excel. But, once you find a plan that successfully works for you, newsletters can highly beneficial. It is essential to include valuable content to ensure better results. There are professional newsletter writing services to help you achieve promising outcomes throughout this journey.