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  • Not investing a considerable amount of time into the research work.
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  • Writing a press release without a proper goal in mind.
  • Only machine-based interaction.
  • Exorbitant prices for inadequate quality content.
  • Lacking a proper structure and format.
  • Not proofreading the content before delivery.
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Writing A Press Release Made Easier: Practical Tips

Grab the attention with a good headline

Journalists are swamped with emails on a daily basis. To make your press release stand out, you need an attractive and educational headline. Keep your headline to less than six words. You can always add a subhead and ensure that it contains the most important piece of information. If you choose to add a subhead then put it in italics (and not bold) and make it approx. 16 or 17 points.

Focus on the lead

Lead is the main point of the story and it should be mentioned in the first paragraph itself. There is no guarantee of the fact that the reader will read beyond first paragraph which is why it should have the need to know info. It could be followed by the supporting information.

Five W’s

A press releasing writing tip is that it must cover what, when, where, who, and why. What happened and when? Where did it happen and who was involved? It must include this info so that all the queries are answered.

Add a quote

Reporters do like a good quote so you can include a relevant one in your press release. It could be from the president of the company or about a chief speaker if it is about some event. However, make sure that it sounds authentic. It should be something that a ‘real’ person would say in ‘real’ time. They shouldn’t be too long as well.

Include the contact information

Always mention your contact information just in case the reporter wants to contact you for additional info or if they have some questions. You should add your name, email and phone number for their convenience. You can also include the website’s address embedded in the press release so that the reporters can have a look at it for more information. Feel free to share the social media handles too.

End it correctly

Press releases conventionally end with three ###s. It indicates to the reporter that the release has officially ended. By including that, you’re representing to the reporter that you understand how news releases work and they will eventually take you more seriously.

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Our press release writing experts are well-versed with all the exciting ways to ensure action-oriented results! We have mastered the art of enticing your target audience with informative content. Stay assured of excellent quality press releases that effectively put forth your message out there. We craft immaculate press releases for a diverse range of industries, including:

  • Real Estate
  • Personal Ornaments
  • Apparels & Accessories
  • Healthcare
  • Gift & Toys
  • Footwear
  • Digital Marketing & Many More

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We help you garner your target audience's attention with a crisp, direct and engaging press release writing service. Now, announce any event or news with compelling content and beat your competitors! This is your chance to upscale your business by getting all the focus that it needs. Here are many reasons for you to invest in our professional press release services:


Get instant exposure

You would surely want to get the most exposure that too without spending a lot on advertising. This is your way to do it. Content is important and what’s more important is that it should be seen and we help will you with that.


Increase in sales

Your ultimate goal is to amplify sales and eventually turn it into a good ROI. As many people will get to see your press release, you will be able to increase the profits through that. You will be able to reach a wider audience and people will get to know what you have to offer.


Become an industry expert

When you issue a formal press release for your business, you establish yourself as an industry expert and people will take you more seriously because of that. Industry experts get involved with their industry, they write about it and they get the first hand experience with the media. When your customers read your press releases, it will set you as a high authority and an industry expert too.


Boost the marketing plan

If the potential clients don’t know that you exist then how do you expect them to involve in a financial activity with you? This is where a professional press release writer comes in to save the day.
If you don’t want to totally change your marketing plan every time you release a new product or service, sending out a press release is the best way to do it. You will spend a section of the price on press release writing than you would if you plan to re-launch a new marketing campaign.


Enhances the website traffic

The best thing about writing a press release is that it fulfils more than just one goal. One of them is to generate more leads for your website. If you wish to launch new products or sell services, your website is going to be the key player.
As all press releases contain a call to action, this is the perfect occasion to lead readers back to your website to learn more about who you are and what you have to offer.Also, press releases will also allow you to maximize the use of keywords, videos, headlines, photos, descriptions and hashtags.


SEO Rankings

When you allocate a press release in different media outlets, your SEO potentials will grow vastly. For starters, press releases offer a number of valuable backlinks to your site.
Optimized press releases also make your content more searchable on the search engines.

Characteristics of a Good Press Release Writing

A press release is a description of an incident or market activity that the public might be interested in. What, on the other hand, makes a decent press release? What criteria does the media use to determine which press releases are worthy of coverage? It takes talent and experience to write a good press release. Hence, press release writing services focus on several aspects so that the press release can be catered to various audiences. For several years, PR was solely in the domain of professional writers, as the PR should be authentic and appealing. In reality, a wide range of markets and clients are now considered legitimate recipients of press releases. With a new demographic comes a new set of expectations for press release content. The background plot, photographs, and video are all things that readers desire. They want to hear more about the issues that concern them, and they don't want to just read the news; they want to see it.

Features of a perfect press release

1. Contextual relevance and newsworthiness:

The first and most significant characteristic that your press release can possess is contextual relevance. The substance in your press release must be newsworthy enough to be published in the newspapers. Writing a good press release means most of the necessary information will be interesting and the latest to be published. This is followed religiously unless it is not newsworthy. What constitutes a newsworthy press release? A press release is deemed newsworthy if it is relevant, important, and appeals to a wide range of people. Your press release should reach a large number of people, be about a recent occurrence or event, and be easy to understand.

Stay away from unnecessary lengthy information

You won't have to waste words when it comes to sharing your business success or experience. The majority of the readers who may read the press release are busy people. They don't have time to read lengthy, detailed, and long-press releases. Successful press release authors get straight to the point, eliminate the clutter, and explain the information in as few words as possible while covering all of the main ideas.

The press release should be composed simply and straight forwardly

Introduction matters the most. Hence, the first paragraph should be succinct, with vital information and not deviating from the central idea. It should have a captivating description of the news you're covering. The following lines should have specific information and details regarding the event or the news. It should highlight key events, people, or takeaways from the case. To make the press release impactful and interesting, essential facts and statistics should be presented. It should be accompanied by important individuals' quotes. This would help to bring trust and importance to the press release from the target audience’s perspective. The majority of press releases conclude with a few sentences that include details about the company that issued the statement.

Error-free PR

It's all in the facts when it comes to writing a good press release. Your news or story should be based on events that are worth mentioning. It should have the factually correct information. It shouldn’t have any information just for publicity's sake. This way the reputation will be at the stake, and wrong information can jeopardize the reputation. Importantly, if this happens, then no one will take you seriously. Hence, you have to double-check before sending out the press release. You have to ensured that the PR is factually correct or not riddled with errors. The best press release example could be paying attention to the finer points, ensuring that their publications are correct and error-free.

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