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Drafting well-written content on an eCommerce website is the first step towards driving massive sales for your product. Unsure of where to get it done? Hire the trusted eCommerce content writing for buyer guide, category, or product description.
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Where Do Other Ecommerce Writers Lack?

  • They do not invest their time in extensive research work.
  • The charges of e-commerce writing services are too high.
  • They struggle with delivering the content within pre-decided deadlines.
  • You end up with plagiarized content which is full of errors.
  • There are issues in the structuring and formatting of the content.
  • The content lacks vital information and human touch.
  • Boring content that fails to excite the audience.
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Our eCommerce Content Marketing Strategy

If you are planning to sell online, it should be started with the right eCommerce content marketing strategy. Nothing could be better than having a unique eCommerce content copy and driving sales through it. Our services are powered by writers who have written for Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. Just inform us of the platform that you want the content for, our writers will customize it as per the needs. Here is how we strategize our eCommerce content marketing.

  • We first talk to the product owners, learn about the benefits, and portray the same in the eCommerce content.
  • A matching writer who specializes in writing the same category.
  • Start writing highly engaging content in an apt brand voice by focusing on the tone and character of the product.
  • Editing and proofreading the content for improvisations.
  • Final submission.
  • Witness the skyrocketing eCommerce sales.

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Industries We Cater For Ecommerce Content Writing Services

We are a strong team of professional eCommercewriting services specialists. Our skilled masters help you with compelling and exciting content that boosts your sales chart. We are proficient in writing for various online platforms, including eBay, Amazon. Walmart, etc. The industry experts with hands-on experience know what it takes to craft exciting and result-oriented eCommerce content for various industries, including:

  • IT Products
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare Products
  • Current affairs
  • Consumer retail items
  • Manufacturing
  • Higher education
  • Legal services
  • Software
  • Hardware Products
  • Kids segments (toys, wearables, etc.)
  • Dressings and footwear.
  • Food products
  • Industrial consumption products

We love taking up new challenges! So, you can trust us for quality results for any industry-specific topic. Contact us now to get the job done!

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Why Choose Our eCommerce Content Writing Services?

We have so many reasons to prove why you should choose us to write Content for eCommerce websites.


Boost SEO

Our effective eCommerce strategy helps your product boost up on SERP. We do it by publishing content for your product on an eCommerce platform. We specialize in writing product descriptions, category descriptions, how-to guides, blog posts, and product reviews. Writing for search engines is where we started, hence our past experience combined with your zeal to sell products makes it big on the scoreboard.


Strict No To Duplicacy

Product descriptions are the same as what a manufacturer has described on the website. But that doesn’t mean you should copy that as it is. In fact, search engine bot keeps a strong eye on such websites who try to duplicate the content penalizes them or even disappears such content from SERP. The eCommerce writing that we do is well crafted, ensures zero duplicity, and 100% unique tailored as per the market needs.


High Visitor Engagement

Our content marketing for eCommerce strategy includes ways of engaging visitors with well-informed content. Every customer looks out for a how-to guide or product description to stay updated with what a product offers. These guides play an instrumental role in making a correct decision and that’s where our role comes in. We research the product and write crisp yet descriptive information about a product.


Scope For Scalability

If you have a large online store and you want to launch it faster, we have a solution. Our entire workforce will spend day and night completing eCommerce content and make it ready to launch online. Even if you have thousands of products to launch, we are there to get it done. You can just rely on our eCommerce content writing services and be ready to witness the most streamlined delivery process.

Characteristics of a Good E-commerce Content Writing

A website with all its features tries to be different from other websites. This is seen on an e-commerce website. This is done so that the e-commerce website can look unique and attractive. There are graphics integrated that are fascinating in their own way. The interface has its own design and speed. However, although these characteristics are incorporated, there is no guarantee of a high conversion rate or positive user interaction. You may wonder why is it so? What would be missing? To be precise, nothing is missing. But the improvisation matters. To elaborate, e-commerce content writing plays a major role. There are certain aspects in which content writing for an e-commerce website should be written. This write-up will cover those aspects.

Features of eCommerce content marketing

Any text or written material for an online shop is referred to as e-commerce content writing.

1. Main elements of eCommerce content to attract customers

The writing skills help bring in more sales in a variety of ways. The main elements of the e-commerce website are headlines, categories, product descriptions, landing pages, offers, and promotions. The headline should be in such a way that it can capture the attention of the visitors. There should be as many categories as possible, related to the products. The product description should give comprehensive information about the products. The offers and promotions should be done so that more visitors keep visiting the website. They should find something interesting in it e-commerce writing aims to simply illustrate the advantages of your merchandise. It should also assist in the improvement of your online store's search engine rankings. These are the elements focussed upon highly by the eCommerce content writing services.

2. Gaining quick attention

The e-commerce content writing should be done in such a way that it is easier for the customers to understand the products easily. The goal is to help customers get what they want at a glance and understand the product by reading the description. They should not get bogged down in needless confusion due to lengthy details that can slow down the purchasing process. Research studies indicate that It takes minutes, if not seconds, for an online vendor to decide upon a product. By having shopping categories, filters, and other essential features, purchasing experience can be enhanced.

3. Persuasive writing

It’s a competitive world. Customers have a lot of choices. They are the king. There are dozens of sites and they have the option to purchase the products from any of the websites. Thus for an e-commerce website to be competitive, it is necessary to use convincing and compelling content. The content should promote your brand's voice, and figure out the psychology of what motivates customers to buy. The e-commerce writing should be snappy and specifically based on what consumers would like about the product. Importantly, it should direct users to press the “Add to Cart” button.

4. Special focus on special offers write-ups

Most e-commerce sites use exclusive discounts as part of their traditional marketing strategies. The strategies include the use of email, social media, and text messages. The writing for this kind of offer should be very short, concise, compact, and compelling. The customers should feel that they’re getting something new at a cheap price. it should be such that they should feel compelled to buy it. This will happen only if they feel that the offer is not going to be repeated. They should also feel that they may miss the product if they didn't buy it now. Hence, making use of certain compelling works in the offers matters a lot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Though writers are highly talented and experienced in writing eCommerce content, you can also give your inputs by contacting them anytime during the working day. Our writers take your instructions and embed their experience to write content that’s good for audiences and with an SEO perspective as well. In fact, before the writer starts writing you must connect with them and provide as much information as you can so as to avoid any confusion. Additionally, if you have any preferred style guide or template then you can offer it to a writer for quick reference.
We cover a plethora of industries through our eCommerce content. Those include IT products, hardware, healthcare, manufacturing products, industrial segments, kids segments, dressings, footwear, etc. We do it with the help of our 50+ writers who are subject matter experts in different fields and carry a vast knowledge in their specialization. You can hire them to write any type of content including product descriptions, category discussions, Amazon content, short descriptions, sales copy, or anything else.
We have a very strict review policy and we never compromise with it. Once a writer completes the content, it goes to our content strategist who runs through the content, proofread, and edits it wherever required. Even after the final submission, you can request for review within three days and you can do this for unlimited revisions. Content submission after reviewing doesn’t mean our job is done, rather you can reject it straight away if it doesn't meet your expectations and get the refund. However, it’s the rarest of the rare scenario and to date, all of our content has passed through the client verification in one shot.
Yes! You always need to upload fresh content on your website in order to build more user engagement and drive traffic to your website. You must keep checking the content and get it refreshed if there is any change or update in the product description. Also, you should always make sure that your content relates to your target audiences and it’s meant for them. We have a fleet of writers who can write fresh content every time that relates heavily to your audiences, engages them, and compels them to buy a product. Not only audiences, but fresh content is also good for SEO perspective as well as it makes your site trustworthy and relevant.
Of course yes! If you have built a good repo with a specific writer, we can reserve him/her for you. Our seamless content management system is flexible to do it for you. You just have to inform your preferred eCommerce writer to the content manager and on the basis of availability that writer will be assigned to you. In case a specific writer is not available we will make sure to match up with another writer having the same writing skills and tone. Also, with us, you shouldn't worry about the content quality, as all our writers adhere to the same quality parameters.
We have made a very seamless process to get started. You just have to contact us on our numbers or simply mail us explaining the content you need. Thereafter one of our content strategists will listen to your requirements, take inputs, assign you a writer and collaborate with him/her. This makes the overall process highly smooth. Then the writer submits the content to the content strategist. It goes through proofreading and the necessary changes are made if required.

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