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Expert Tips: How To Write An Article Quickly!

In this fast-paced world, high-quality content can take any business to unimaginable heights. With the surge in internet usage, there is a huge demand for professionals who can craft impressive articles. This translates into exciting opportunities for freelance writers, bloggers, and professional content writers. But, article writing is not that easy. It requires extensive efforts to achieve finesse in writing a well-researched, informative article. Are you willing to learn how to write an article that counts?

Today, in this blog, we will share the recipe to craft impressive articles to lure your target audience and create much-needed engagement! Having the understanding of how to write articles, is not sufficient. You need to ensure that your articles can perform well on the search engines, and serve value to the readers. Additionally, you need to be careful with the outlining, and structure formats.

We will dig deep to discuss how you can improve your article writing skills, along with some helpful tips to help you write the best articles quickly.


Article Writing: An Overview

Let’s start with the basics.

We can best define an article as a piece of written content that is further distributed among a larger audience. The articles are meant to publish on the platforms such as magazines, newspapers, journals, or websites. The aim of writing an article is to disseminate the information to the audience.

When it comes to online content writing, e-commerce companies and professional websites implement these practices to educate consumers about their products and services. It is a powerful method to impact their decision-making process and encourages them to act. Content writing has become a potentially significant tool to beat the competition in the market, by trust-building. Since we have learned what is an article, it’s time to discuss the article format.


How To Write An Article Format?

One of the most critical parts of crafting a top-notch quality article is following a proper format. If you want to pursue a career as a professional writer, you should know how to write an article format and achieve the best results.

A step-by-step guide to creating an excellent essay copy format.

Article writing format

  • Choose A Title

The title of your article is the essence of your write-up. It should provide the readers an idea about what they can expect in terms of content. Thus, you must keep the title relevant. Especially, when it comes to online content you need to take care of the search engine ranking. How can you do that? Include relevant keywords in the title, and keep it catchy. This is a successful way to attract the audience to your page.


  • Mention The Name

Mentioning the name at the beginning of the article informs the readers about the writer. This is one of the most effective article writing tips widely used by online companies. Adding the contact, and name while starting an article acts as a catalyst to strengthen the online presence.


  • Introductory Paragraph

The introduction plays an integral role in writing any form of article. It is one factor capable enough to retain the reader’s attention. Include information to hook the audience, and talk about the issue. Also, share a brief of how the article will resolve the problem.


Here’s how to write a good article introduction

  • Keep It Concise: Although you need to include at least 4-5 sentences to give them a glimpse of the article, yet maintain a suspense factor. This will spark up their curiosity and motivate them to read further.
  • Avoid Lengthy Sentences: A premium quality writer includes short sentences written in simple language. Do not complicate it for the readers, and keep the tone active throughout. It helps in building a connection with the readers and helps in retaining attention.


  • The Main Body

In the body, do include the topic sentence. Moreover, mention relevant evidence to support your claims. You can add data, facts, cite some examples to add quality to your content. It helps the audience understand the topic easily.


  • Don’t Forget The Conclusion

While concluding the article, you can rephrase the crux. It helps the readers to paint a clear image and also provides them useful takeaway through your content. You can also add a call to action to encourage the readers to act in a certain direction. This is an excellent marketing strategy that professional content writers implement while writing an article for a business.


Article Writing Tips To Write Quickly: Guaranteed Success!

Let us now teach you how to write articles quickly and attain the desired outcomes!


  • Enlist Your Ideas   

It is not uncommon for writers to run out of ideas while they are working on content. Therefore, the best way to save yourself from this situation is to pen down your ideas. This will help you while you will be working on the draft. It is a practical way to deal with the creative block situation.


  •  Keep Your Focus

Article writing requires you to put your entire focus in the task. Engaging in multitasking will only delay the process, and result in poorly written content. The best way to complete the task quickly is by putting all your attention on the article.


  • Proper Research

Research is undoubtedly a crucial part of any type of writing task. You cannot write quality content without gathering the details that make a write-up powerful. However, it is equally important to do smart work rather than simply wasting all your time searching the information. Look into the credible resources and gather everything relevant to your subject.


  • Maintain The Simplicity

If you ask a professional writer, “how to write a good article?”, “keep it simple” is the most common answer you will get. This is absolutely true and appropriate. You do not want to confuse the readers by beating around the bush or using less-common terms.

Make sure that you keep the content concise, and direct to the point. Be careful of the word limit and divide the entire write-up into different sections. Doing this increases the readability, and help you cut the irrelevant stuff.


  • Add Bullet Points 

This is one of the best article writing tips to ensure a fair flow of information in a structured way. Doing this makes helps in organizing the ideas, and also helps you write the article quickly.

When you divide the entire piece into multiple sections and further add bullet points, it effectively catches the target audience’s attention. Do not forget to add well-crafted subheadings.


  • Proofreading and Editing 

Most amateur writers commit the mistake of looking into the errors while writing an article. Do not take this path, as it declines your writing speed, as well as kills the creative approach.

Instead, first, follow the complete guidelines of article writing, and once you are done with the first draft then jump into the editing. This is the time when you eliminate the unwanted content, refine the sentences, check the grammar and spell errors.


  • Set A Time Limit

If you want to increase your article writing speed, then working within a time limit would be the way to practice. You might be slow at first, but with consistent efforts, you will be able to achieve the desired results.


How To Write An Impressive Article Easily?

Since we have discussed how to work up your writing speed, let us now have a quick look at the steps to draft a perfect article copy.

Article writing steps

  • Choose A Topic

Analyze where your interest lies and then decide upon a topic. This will ensure positive outcomes as you will already be enthusiastic to gather the important details. It is recommended to first create a rough draft copy.


  • Address The Audience

While writing an article you need to connect with your target audience. Think about their needs and expectations from the article by putting yourself in their shoes. It will help you process everything better. Make a list of all possible queries they might have, and answer them in your write-up.


  • Do Your Research

If you are an amateur who has no idea how to write a good article, the answer is, “research”. You need to engage in extensive research work to collect useful data, including stats, figures, anecdotes, quotes, references, etc.


It is important to rely only on genuine resources. You should also go through competitor’s websites and scan them thoroughly. It will provide you a rough idea about the essentials the article demands.


  • Create A Powerful Draft

Preparing a draft is one tip that every professional writer swears by. It helps you align your ideas meaningfully, while also provides better chances for an error-free article. Follow a proper structure and delete all the unwanted details.


  • Stay Specific

If you want to know how to write articles that provide assured results we would say be specific to your subject. Even if you are sharing information in a storytelling format, do not stray from the topic and keep everything together.


  • Revision

After you are finished writing, make it a habit to read your article thoroughly. Doing this will help you figure out your mistakes and make the necessary changes. If you feel the article lacks something then add the information. Make sure your write-up sounds logical and organized properly.



It is important to understand the intricacies of article writing to attain success in your tasks. While many people know how to write, these tips will help you produce quality articles faster. The Best article writing services in the market implement these techniques which help them stick to their aim and ensure quick deliveries.