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  • We deliver 100% unique and high-quality ebooks.
  • Team of 50+ebook writers.
  • Unlimited revisions till 100% satisfaction.
  • Ebooks at an affordable price without compromising quality.
  • Well-curated content from style and tone masters.
  • Strict turnaround time and quick delivery of unique ebooks.
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Where Other Ebook Writers Lack?

  • Overall poor ebook content quality lacking information.
  • Do not spend time on research.
  • They write an ebook in a non-structured way.
  • They lack in-depth industry knowledge.
  • Delivers just plain and non-humanized content.
  • An undisciplined approach towards deadlines.
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Our Unique Ebook Digital Marketing Strategy

Before writing an ebook, we adhere to some basic principles. They are a part of our unique digital marketing strategy that helps businesses generate leads and accomplishes their marketing goals. Here are the essential building blocks that make our ebooks unique.

  • The landing page to help you convert the visitors into subscribers.
  • User information form that your visitors need to file to access the ebook.
  • A strong and compelling Call to Action (CTA).
  • Aself-responding email to follow up with visitors who filled the form.
  • The unique distribution strategy to promote the stuff on the most suitable channels.

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Industries That Our Unique Ebooks Serve

Are you finding an ebook writer having specialization in your industry? Your search ends today. Our fleet of ebook writers consists of creative minds and experts of multiple niches. They know how to write an ebook fast, concisely, and without leaving even a single piece of information. Moreover, some of them are having hands-on experience of working in specific industries. That helps a lot while writing and it makes a difference as compared to writing without practical experience. Here are the numerous industries that we serve through our ebook writing.

  • IT
  • Financial services
  • Health care
  • Consumer retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Higher education
  • Legal services
  • Software
  • High tech
  • Oil & gas
  • Industrial

Couldn’t find your industry-specific topic in the above list? Not a problem! Challenge us with any other topic and see what we can do...

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Why Choose Our Ebook Writing Service?

We have so many reasons to prove why you should choose us to write your ebooks.


Original Content and Nothing Less

Our writers write ebooks after having a thorough discussion with you. They always believe in providing value to your target audiences through well-crafted 100% original masterpiece. It helps in building your face value in the market, hence earning more leads. Besides, we are very strict towards doing a transparent business. If any of the writers is found cheating or providing plagiarised content, then we immediately remove him/her from our platform.


Engaging Content that Sells

Our ebooks besides being 100% unique are engaging as well. We have ebook writers who write for a wide range of industries such as technology, healthcare, finance, legal or sales, and marketing. Be it for any industry, we don’t compromise at all in writing engaging content that sells. Our content will be impactful and it will add value to the lives of your audiences. Simply connect with our content manager and get your customized ebook ready as per your choice.


Edit Till Perfection

We are not just an ebook writing service, in fact, we are much more than that. Our services include proofreading the content and editing it to attain 100% perfection. We believe in providing refined content that’s grammatically correct, perfect in style and tone, and avoids inconsistencies. The in-house editors and proofreaders ensure that every line, sentence, and paragraph of the to-be delivered ebook should be of the highest quality standard.


Ebook Services that Build Brand’s Repo

Lousy and unprofessionally written ebooks fail to deliver the right value to audiences. That’s the reason you should wisely choose your ebook writer. That’s where our professional team of writers comes into action who know how to write an ebook fast and effectively. They are highly talented and experienced in building your brand’s reputation by crafting a knowledge-enriched ebook. Connect with our content specialists and get your sample copy today!


We Keep You Update From Start to Finish

Decided to take our ebook writing service? Great! We will keep you updated regarding the progress of your ebook. In a nutshell, you will be part of our creative process, wherein you can provide your inputs, feedback, get edits done or choose your preferred writer.

Characteristics Of A Good Ebook Writing

Many people feel that it’s easy to write an ebook. However contrary to the belief, it involves a lot of hard work and dedication. When people like this end up writing ebook, assuming it is a simple task, the ebook turns out to be embarrassingly bad. The reason being, an average book author has no clue about how to start and end an ebook. They are either behind money or fame. They fail to realize that any form of ebook writing may neither bring money nor fame. This makes them feel frustrated. They are clueless about what went wrong and why the market did not appreciate their ebooks. The major issue with such writers is that they are not ready to know the likes and dislikes of the readers. In fact, they don’t care about it. But, these authors live in a world where ignorance is bliss. They are unable to accept and understand reality. Thus, a clue about creating unique e-books would have been useful if they had gathered knowledge about it.

To start an e-book, you need to know what you’re going to write and how people may find it appealing. For the same:

1. Getting to know expert's opinion

if you want to create a unique ebook, you should be well versed with that topic. Don’t go by the idea of picking a hot topic, assuming you may earn money easily from it. That’s a wrong notion to start with. Writing an ebook always succeeds when you’re writing about something you’re well-acquainted with. If you have sparse or no knowledge about the chosen topic, it will turn out to be a big fiasco. Thus before you start to write an ebook, you need to do a lot of research work. You need to get expert interviews, and you should be an expert in the field.

2. In-depth knowledge matters

There is a high possibility that you may fall into the trap of writing on a topic your readers need. You assume that you know well about the topic and you can write the perfect book. However, when you start to write the book, you realize that you have to do a lot of research work. You’re not able to understand the nitty-gritty of the topics or the technicalities involved in it. You suddenly realize you have shallow knowledge of the topic rather than in-depth knowledge.

3. Offering what the audience wants

What do you feel your target audience wants? Do they want to know the topic you want them to know? Do they want to know something which they don’t know? Sounds confusing, right? This is the same problem that a writer faces when he sits to write ebooks. Elaborating, people always want to know something informative and something new. The best way to solve this problem is by carrying out surveys. Through the survey, get deep insights into people’s opinions. Then, when you sit to write the book, select the topic which you know the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no one reason, rather there are many. We have ebook writers from multiple domains who are highly experienced in their specific industry. They provide high-on information content which targets your prime audiences and at the same time engages them with high-value write up. Writing such content keeps them away from plagiarism and hence making them deliver a unique ebook masterpiece.
No! We can write for multiple industries such as IT, Financial Services, Health care, Consumer Retail, Manufacturing, Higher education, Legal services, Software, High tech, Oil & Gas, Industrial are a few examples. We have hired writers from different domains who can write on their specialization quickly and easily after doing thorough research.
No, not at all. We provide fool-proof ebook writing services where we take care of content quality. Once our writers deliver the ebook copy, it goes to content strategists or proofreaders in technical terms. He checks the content thoroughly, makes the edit, and does the final submission.
Writing an ebook is altogether a different ball game. It stores a large amount of information and delivers a vast amount of information to the readers. Hence the number of words is relatively higher than any other document. A typical ebook consists of 5000 words and it may go up to 20000 depending upon the topic and user’s requirements. That’s why an ebook takes a higher time to complete than other writing stuff. However, we are determined to complete the ebooks in lesser time without compromising on the quality.
Indeed yes. We can provide you the writer of your choice upon request. Our content management systems are pretty simple and seamless. It requires you to just inform the content manager about your choice of ebook writer. Upon getting your request they will check the availability and get assigned. However, there might be some chances of unavailability of the specific writer you need. In that case, we will make sure to provide you a writer with similar skills, tone, and writing style. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the ebooks content quality and consistency as we hire our writer after strict evaluation. It’s not that easy to write for us!
We have a seamless process. You can get started by contacting our specialists on toll-free numbers or simply mail us your requirements. Soon after one of our executives will get in touch with you, listen to your content demands, assign you a professional writer, and henceforth the tasks get started. That’s not all, once our writer completes the content, the initial draft goes to our in-house proofreaders who check and do the necessary edits. Upon satisfaction, they submit the content to you for final content verification. Once you will be satisfied, we submit it for final submission. Don’t worry, if you want more edits to be done.
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