4 pillars of content writing

What are the 4 Pillars of Content Writing?

Content writing is an art and is often considered the voice of the business. However, effective writing comprises many aspects which need to be mastered or altered regularly. When you are in the writing world, you often come across a genre of topics. Not only do you learn different aspects of anything, but also open avenues which enhance your knowledge and make your writing more fluent. Every work has some fundamentals, which need to be learned in many ways.

Learning to write across various channels is intimidating. However, it often opens avenues of success and takes time and practice. There are authors whom you think have effective content writing skills and fit your niche in a progressive digital manner.

You see so many authors and professionals suggesting to “find your niche” in the progressively digital age. And that sounds astonishing when you are writing for a niche.

What are the Pillars of Content Writing?

Content pillars comprise various topics that your brand will consistently discuss, amplify and create content for social media.“ You might hear and call content categories or content buckets. The idea remains the same.

According to Social Media strategist, “Marsha Collier, “You might hear them called content categories or content buckets. They all mean the same thing. First, content pillars will enlighten you about what you need to cook to serve the right dish. Being an expert in one area is good but it needs to be updated on a regular basis.

Here we are talking about 4 pillars of basic content writing.

1. Understand Your Target Audiences

Before you go ahead and draft a small piece of content, you need to understand what you are writing. What values it’ll add to the person and how it helps achieve marketing goals?

Need to ponder a few questions

  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • Who are your existing customers?
  • How is this draft going to customers and goals?
  • What are your expectations with the content?

In simpler terms, marketing efforts require you to create buyer personas. In case you’re not sure, you should know how to create personas.

The following are the most effective tactics used by businesses to define and identify buyer personas:

  • Interviewing Potential prospects & customers
  • Interviewing Sales Reps
  • Conducting Industry-Specific Surveys
  • Using the in-house database to identify customer characteristics
  • Consistent Evaluation Of Web Analytics
  • Conducting Customer Service Surveys
  • Research on Specific keywords
  • Monitoring Social Media Activity

2. Adjust Your Style And Write With A Purpose 

A social cliché, “The way you speak matters more than how you speak”.

Writers should always work with a tonality that provokes every piece of work that you write. However, you need to spread your voice across every corner. The tone of the Content writing echoes your brand in such a compelling manner.

Learning is the key! Since everyone is not blessed with the same attributes. We need to remember, we’re still learning. When you talk about the public you need to build a habit of basic content writing skills.

When you work with this mindset, this always stimulates growth and produces the framework to achieve success. Subsequently, the last pillar is critical if you want to draft a fine-tuned copy. If you are writing with a purpose and specific goals in mind, you know which way your content will move. Eventually, you should know the purpose of content writing. If you are not clear about what you are writing for there are chances your written piece will go haywire.

As writers, we need to be masters of spilling words we spill. But don’t let the work affect your actions. You can sharpen your words and adjust your voice but new to fit the purpose.

3. Create Valuable Content

Once you are aware of target customers, you can start the buying cycle, and the kind of content they need to convert & create.

But here comes the tricky question – What format will your customers find the best? What piece are they comfortable with sharing in circles? Well, the only way to go forward is to take a test.

Create unique content formats – Create long and short textual content and visual content. Here are a few things for creating target consumer audiences.

4. Repeating The Process (Abundance)

Writing and publishing things over the Internet often feels like screaming for attention in a busy market. You can’t understand the digital traffic. You never know in today’s digital traffic whether your post will capture audiences’ attention or it’ll go undiscovered in an Internet ditch.

Still, we need to learn from our failures and build energy to keep going on. Eventually, you get to a certain point, where everything you see is wet and dripping with words. Phonetics becomes pointless and content grows more. The reader becomes responsible for the connotation.

With the right content writing skill you work with specific goals, but you can’t bind readers and compromise the legacy of the work. The best content writing implies you are following someone else’s path, but still, every step speaks volumes about yourself.

Yes, it is annoying. But also very empowering. To know, you can manipulate reality before everyone possesses it, though few choose to utilize it.

Final Words:

To write great articles, we can’t limit that to one word. However, these four pillars will often start your journey for writing.

These four pillars, in my mind at least, attempt to do such that: hone your superpower through the art of writing.

So Content matters a lot in any form, it can drive your passion to new highs. The same goes for audiences “ how it works”. Audiences are everything and are the artist. Know the audiences whom you are writing for.

Writing for different audiences makes you a game player and is a religious practice. It hones your skills which in turn, better adjusts the specific audience you are writing to. Even if it is yourself.

Eventually, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t. After that, it’s just a matter of putting content writing services in the right direction.