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  • Incompetence in performing the required research work.
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  • Inability to meet the promised deadlines.
  • An absence of human interaction.
  • Improper knowledge of professional copywriting services.
  • Sky-high charges, while the quality is too low.
  • Not adhering to the proper content structure and format.
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Traditional Copywriting v/s Copy Writing

  • Copywriting has been in the picture for a long time but Copy Writing has come to light recently. Therefore, it is common to get confused between both of them.
  • To make things clearer for you, we will be sharing the difference between both of them.
  • Copywriting is the process in which an engaging copy is written in order to sell something to a specific audience.
  • Copy Writing is the process in which engaging words are written to sell a product or service to a specific group and rank in Google.
  • When it comes to Copy Writing, you don’t only target the audience, you also target the bots/crawlers.

How does Copy Writing differ from traditional copywriting?

There are some components that distinguish Copy Writing from the traditional one. You might not have the compulsion to add keywords to a normal copy but when it comes to an SEO copy, you can’t do without the keywords.

Inclusion of keywords and phrases

If you want a better rank then you must have the specific words that a user usually looks for. If your Copy Writing is related to cosmetics then make sure that it communicates the same at the first glance.

Gone are the days when people used to just put anything in the search box to see a result. Now, people know what they want and they put the exact phrase in the search box. This is why the content that you put out there should be as per the trend.

This is why keyword research is one of the most important steps that you must follow and make it a point to add LSI keywords too.

The theme of the copy and key phrases

Writers wrote according to them in the traditional copy but now they have to write from the perspective of the audience. It is a must to add relevant keywords or phrases that are being used to search for the services.

Once you are clear with the keywords, the next step is to use them careful by maintaining just the right proximity in the Copy Writing process. We don’t make the keywords appear out of the blue and the most important thing, WE DON’T INDULGE IN THE PRACTICE OF KEYWORD STUFFING.

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It is time for you to activate your audience with crisp, direct and exciting copywriting strategies! We have a team of professional copywriters who have excelled in the skills of crafting trending and compelling content that helps you outperform your competitors. Stay ahead in the industry by setting your brand's tone through attention-getter copies.

Here is the list of industries our experts cater to:

  • Real Estate
  • Personal Ornaments
  • Apparels & Accessories
  • Healthcare
  • Gift & Toys
  • Footwear
  • Digital Marketing

Our passionate copywriters have the skill-set of serving you with hot-selling copywriting services for your specific industry needs. Get in touch with us and drop your request now!

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Google loves efforts and if you put great content out there then you are surely going to be rewarded. Quality CopyWriting is your way to climb up the ladder of the search engine result page and we all know how important that is.


Saves Money

If you have tried PPC marketing and want a similar kind of response without shelling out a lot of money then you must try out the CopyWriting service. It will help you to target the clients that you want to connect with and rank organically!


Top notch content

Having quality content and a brilliantly designed website are one of the best combinations ever. Copywriting can be really captivating when done in the correct manner and we know how to do it just right.

Characteristics Of A Good Copywriting

Many people feel that copywriting is an easy task. But it is not so. Copywriting is important for successful marketing. Unless successful marketing is carried out, the business will not prosper. Many factors have to be considered for developing copywriting content.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is usually done for marketing products and services. Copywriting helps to create content that would explain the latest products or services launched in the market. However, unless the copywriting is compelling, marketing may become difficult. Copywriting is used in SEO so that company's products and services can be spread on the internet. It helps the visitors to understand what the company is into.

1. SEO copywriting spreads awareness among the masses

SEO strategies when combined with high-quality copywriting content on different platforms offer business success. Here, platforms refer to blogging, social media websites, and articles. When such high-quality copywriting write-ups are posted on different platforms, people become aware of your product. The number of people coming to your website increases. This is how SEO copywriting services help to spread knowledge. It disseminates the information about your offerings to different parts of the world connected to the internet. This in turn helps to create a bigger pool of business. It helps to connect with potential customers.

2. Convert visitors into business lead

You may want to extend your website to the people on the internet so that more visitors can visit your website. This may help to convert them into business leads. You may think what must be the way out? Is advertisement the only way to reach out to the masses? The answer is there is a way out. But before a solution is discussed, it is important to know that advertisement is a one-time promotion. To run advertisements for a month or a year, may cost a lot. In fact, it will be impossible for small businessmen to afford the cost. The solution or better alternative is, SEO copywriting. You may wonder what it is and how it will be useful?

3. Knowing the target audience before implementing SEO copywriting

Any digital marketing strategy involving copywriting highly focuses on creating content based on the location and the target audience. Hence, you must understand who your target audience is before implementing SEO copywriting. Many experts always include this point in their SEO copywriting tips. This can change the business prospect massively, as only the relevant information will go to the right people. You would find many potential customers among these people who would be interested in your products or services. In fact, it would make the job of the search engine easy, as it directs the target audience to your website.

4. Increases the business growth

When SEO copywriting strategies are implemented, it makes your website visible in the eyes of the search engine. Informative copywriting content is one of the best forms of content that can be put on the internet. This piece of information should be unique, interesting, and useful to the visitors. Then, automatically more people come flocking to the website. The visitors will feel that you have substance in the content which is beneficial to them. Also, the ideas may help them to enhance their finances. Hence, they would like to get connected to you. This process will lead to an increase in business growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have tried PPC marketing and want a similar kind of response without shelling out a lot of money then you must try out the CopyWriting service. It will help you to target the clients that you want to connect with and rank organically!
A copywriter creates well-written advertising and promotional materials that communicate with a precise target audience. The text that you see in ads, on websites, and in infographics comes under the umbrella of copywriting. It can be a page long or just 20 words too. It is their task to transform your idea into a beautiful copy with the help of apt words.
Google has not mentioned a specific number that ranks on the SERP but as per a couple of researches, most of the blogs that rank usually have at least 2000 words. But then, a page with fewer words and nice design ranks too. It all depends on how you present it and how clear you sound.
When you opt for the CopyWriting services, you get a chance to connect with the target audience and improve the search visibility organically. It also helps to drive traffic to your website and convert the visitors into leads. Get a chance to establish your company as the authority in your industry.
There are some components that distinguish Copy Writing from the traditional one. You might not have the compulsion to add keywords to a normal copy but when it comes to an SEO copy, you can’t do without the keywords.
When it comes to content writing, the main aim is to increase the organic traffic through the search engine. However, with copywriting, the main goal is to convert the traffic into leads and then ultimately sales.

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