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Issues with other product description providers

  • There is no predefined and well-thought-of goal.
  • We adhere to product description writing structure and format guidelines.
  • Not sticking to the deadlines and late deliveries.
  • Keeping the prices too high for the quality of content they deliver.
  • Inability to perform the required research work.
  • A lack of in-depth industry knowledge.
  • The probability of non-human content is too high.
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High Quality Product Description at Affordable Rates

The product description should be so captivating that it should get the reader hooked. They should only leave the page once they have added the product to the cart and completed the sales.

We offer high quality product description writing services that align with your goals and get you what you expect out of it.

We prioritize Brand identity

Our product description writers will spend a substantial amount of time to understand your brand and style. Once they get a hang of it, you can expect some amazing product pages with the right tone to have a great impact on the target audience.

An interesting call to action

Product description is not just about explaining a product. It also means to have a strong call to action so that the rate of conversion increases. We make sure that our team writes captivating content for you.

Diversity in description

We don’t do boring product descriptions. Even though it is just text, we try to keep it as interesting as possible and add various elements. With us, you won’t just get a conventional paragraph. The description will include bullet points, short descriptions, specifications, and other things as per the product to keep it attention-grabbing.

Spotlight on the Key features

If you get your description written by someone who has no idea about the product then the audience is going to figure it out eventually. Our product services description writers take time to understand your product and they highlight the key features. It does not only offer a better user experience but it also increases the conversion rate.

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Industries That Can Order Our Product Description Writing Service!

One of the most crucial things for any e-business is, empowering the website with exciting product description writing. We have a passionate team of experts who have mastered the technique of writing enticing descriptions that are sure to lure your target customers. This is the new-age marketing tactic that you do not want to miss on!

Here is a list of industries our product description writers cater to:

  • Real Estate
  • Personal Ornaments
  • Apparels & Accessories
  • Healthcare
  • Gift & Toys
  • Footwear
  • Digital marketing and many more

Are you looking for your industry niche but couldn't find it? Share your order requirements with our team, and we will get the job done!

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Why choose us?

You can’t just wake up and write a product description and expect it to work. There are few things that should be kept in mind so that the description is optimized properly and has a better effect.

We have a professional approach and it reflects in our product description writing services. You will notice it for yourself once you opt for it.


Research on the target audience

It is vital to keep the target audience in mind before writing not just a product description but anything else too as they are the ones that we are writing for. We make it a point to define the features that would be appealing to the target audience.
It starts with understanding the buyer persona that is a breakdown of the characteristics of the potential buyers. It helps to understand that which feature will interest them the most.
It is very important to keep the following questions in mind before you start with the product description writing process:

  • How did the person land on the page?
  • What are their general interest?
  • How would they explain it to their friend?
  • What features are going to interest them the most?

We ensure that our product copy answers all the relevant questions possible that too in an interesting manner.


Highlight the benefits of the product

You should make it a point to share the key benefits of the products so that we can build a product copy around it. When a person reads about the product, all they have in mind is that how is it going to benefit them?
How is it going to be a value addition in their life? All this is answered by highlighting the benefits of the products. The buyer will have nothing to do with the basic features that they can get somewhere else that too at a cheaper price.
We ensure to show your product in the spotlight and show them how they are going to benefit from it and improve their life.


Cover everything

A good product description covers almost everything. It should be able to deliver the apt details, its benefits, and have a touch of emotions. We all know that emotions have a great hold on the buyer behavior and this is what we have to take the leverage of. The product description is a nice way to do it.


Use a natural tone

It is very important to add life to the words if you want them to work. It shouldn’t sound too robotic or else it is going to be very boring. Forget about buying the product, people won’t even spend time in reading the whole thing.
It should sound natural, something you would say in a conversation. If it sounds off then you need to change it.
This is important so that the audience is able to connect to your product and eventually, end up buying it.

Characteristics Of A Good Product Description Writing

A good and well-written product description is the marketing copy that elucidates what a product is? what are the features of the product? why it’s worth purchasing? and other related points. The main objective of a product services description is to provide patrons with significant information about the features and advantages of the product so they’re compelled to buy. But only highlighting features tells the user this is the perfect product they’ve been seeking for. In most cases, they already know. So, try to say to them that it can easily solve their problem convinces them that it is an ideal solution for them.

And that’s precisely what a good product description must achieve.

Now before you sit down to write or rewrite descriptions for your products, here are few characteristics that you must keep in mind while doing so:

1. An Appropriate Product Description Needs To Talk To The Prospective Buyer

First and foremost, your content requires talking to your potential buyer. It needs to comprise all the relevant information he or she would be seeking for but also, you require to highlight in content that you know who he or she is, write it in a simple language he/ she uses and consist of the words that would make him/ her buy.

2. Important To Highlight The Advantages Of Using A Product

One of the most common blunders numerous eCommerce owners make is only elaborating the attributes of a product in a description. No doubt, these are very important but your product description must convey to your visitor or potential buyer what makes the product so special and what are the advantages of using it. In addition, it must tell them how to use the product and how it could resolve their problems relating to it.

3. Try To Include Fascinating Words That Sell

Language is an extremely influential tool. Some fascinating words not merely carry a strong message but also help in inspiring folks to take action. In sales and marketing, those particular words are usually referred to as power words and are quite frequently used by content writers and copywriters to motivate their readers to buy. Such words are Accomplish, Guaranteed, Convenient, Absolutely, Powerful, Instantly, Essential, Exciting, Achieve, Improve, Proven, Quick, Strong, Unique, etc.

4. Important To Tell Stories

Stories are very influential. They are also absolutely memorable. They are simple to read and if written well, appealing. Quite the opposite from the uninteresting sales copy you read so much of online.

With good and real stories, you have an opportunity to draw your buyers’ attention and tell them, in a very passive, modest way the attributes of a product and how it can help the buyer’s life.

Furthermore, you can truly demonstrate how the product can be used to resolve the buyer’s problems.

5. Short Paragraphs And Proper Formatting

Last of all, no one wants to read lengthy copy, fact. Yet, in order to comprise all the relevant information that you need in your product description, it needs to be lengthy. So, format it in a way that it can be effortlessly scanned by the buyer.

Try to use proper bullet points, lists, highlights, text in bold, and several other formatting tools to highlight the most significant factors of the copy. This way your potential buyer will have an option to swiftly decide whether this is a product for them and quickly move on in the buying procedure.

A good product description can be the reason why your outlet is getting those orders or not. Obviously, it is not the only reason, though, it is what can motivate your visitors to take action on your outlet. Or at least make the experience unforgettable so they come back again and again.

In aggressive competition today, you can’t easily sell a product without promoting that to popularize at the desired level. Most manufacturers as well as eCommerce companies therefore always value the need for artistically written product description writing services with a core objective to seek the attention of prospective patrons. It is the major reason that the demand for such efficient content solutions is sought after everywhere.

We, at contentwriting marketing, have accomplished numerous such projects. Our experienced and talented writers have been much-admired for writing unique short pages to accomplish such exact needs. Our writers serve a broad array of clients ever since we delved into the content developing industry. Also, we proudly say that product manufacturers and distributors seeking for online product description writing services always approach us just to develop short content for them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a marketing copy that summarizes the features and advantages of a certain product. It will also give you reasons as to why to buy it apart from the other vital information. Once the client has gone through the information they can make up their mind and proceed to buy it.
The eCommerce product descriptions are very important and they are not only used to persuade the customers but are also used to have a better ranking. It is very important to add relevant keywords so that people can click on them to find what they are looking for.
It is very important to cover the features, pros, and cons so the length can vary from 350-400 words. However, the description also depends on the type of the product so the length can vary as well. It should be creative enough to captivate the customer.
People tend to have a short span of attention so if your product description is unable to strike an impression then you have lost them already! You need to ensure that people are able to take most of the content at first glance.
If they are able to find interesting information without wasting their time then they are a step closer to add it to the cart.
We ensure that our description has bullet points, short paragraphs, and different font sizes to get the attention where it is needed the most.
There are a few key points that we ensure are a part of the product description. They are:
  • The content should be readable
  • It should have all the important elements
  • The titles should be SEO friendly and catchy
  • The visitors should be able to form a connection
It starts with understanding the buyer persona that is a breakdown of the characteristics of the potential buyers. It helps to understand that which feature will interest them the most.
It is very important to keep the following questions in mind before you start with the product description writing process:
  • How did the person land on the page?
  • What is their general interest?
  • How would they explain it to their friend?
  • What features are going to interest them the most?
We ensure that our product copy answers all the relevant questions possible that too in an interesting manner.
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