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8 Distinct Types of Writers – Which One Are You?

There is no winning formula when it comes to “which writing style is best?”  There are various types of writers. You might be a seasoned writer, a Professional Content Writer, a freelancer, a book author, a novelist, a storytelling Writer, etc. Every writer has a unique style and exhibits different behaviors when it comes to writing.

“Everybody walks past a thousand story ideas every day. The good writers are the ones who see five or six of them. Most people don’t see any.” –Orson Scott

Some start with writing with a morning coffee while others stay up all night and finish their writing. Some write while standing while others may lock themselves up in a room with a bottle of wine to complete their creative work.

Now, if you are thinking about why we are categorizing the types of writers in this blog, and can’t just leave it alone. Well, we would love to showcase what we found. Also, don’t you think its fun to know what other categories exist, besides yours?

Before we lay out the categories, there are two things we found common in all:

  • Firstly, all the writers embraced their writing style
  • Secondly, they kept going

8 Distinct Types of Writers: Are you one of them?

1. The Dawdler

Are you someone who started at 11 am in the morning to finish up an article and at 2 pm you found exploring Instagram, watching YouTube videos, and trying fonts and colors? This category is called dawdlers or procrastinators. You only work if a deadline is on top of your head. You love making excuses and are a good rewriter.


2. The Schedule Planner

Your writing process works only if there is a schedule in place. You keep a planner that has the dates organized for each task. You prefer fixed word count and working hours and you have your laptop, monthly organizer, and calendar in place to keep you updated. You might not handle any last-minute chaos well.


3. The Nyctophillic

You become the happiest when the sun sets in the evening and you have the night hours to dedicate for your writing. Your brain works best in the dark and you have a totally different energy. You work a different job during the day and do writing at night out of need or passion. You may not work all night but have a fixed routine and may take a nap before birds come out.


4. The Grinder

You are a compulsive writer who doesn’t care about the mood, weather, place, or situation. You write every single day without fail because that’s not optional for you. Even in sickness or away from your laptop all you can think about is writing. You may not be good with speed but you make sure you have reached your daily word count target.


5. The Notetaker

You don’t leave your home with your diary and pen. Nowadays it can be your iPad or even phone where you keep scribbling ideas, new thoughts, conversations, or something interesting you heard or read. You take notes and make it inspiration to write your upcoming articles or blogs or even a book. Your heart might skip a beat if you lose your notepad or leave your pen behind somewhere.


6. The Wikipedia Wormhole

This is a fun category where instead of writing you believe in swallowing and absorbing any information that touches you. Researching and reading endlessly is what makes you weird and you may not have a big friend circle. People might take you as a blabber because you know how many species of cats exist. You may read Wikipedia like people read storybooks. You may not be a promising writer though. You have too much information but you are not sure if you can put it in words.


7. The inspiration Savvy

You are someone who cannot write a single word without completely getting inspired. Your small article or blog may take weeks of time pondering over and staring on blank walls. Inspiration completes your writing and you can’t write anything just because a deadline is around the corner.


8. The Speed Mechanic

You love what you do and you are good at your writing. The thoughts keep flowing and you keep converting them into words and sentences. You are not someone who can sit patiently and wait for inspiration but someone who acts immediately on a thought without maintaining a planner or outlines. You believe in fast writing and later editing it so that your work is perfect at the end. You are a restless writer who might not allot all day and night for writing rather finish work as fast as you can and do other things you like.


9. The Multi-Entertainer Ninja

You do multiple things at once. Reading a novel while your favorite music playing in the background. You might be writing a few lines under the table of your office desk while you still have to work on an official report. Your favorite show might be on TV or YouTube while you are noting down your thoughts and ideas. You are a multi-tasker who loves to do write while doing other activities.


10. The closet writer

You write your thoughts and ideas but secretly. You have written stories but not to tell the world but you. You keep your word docs locked or notebook is hidden in the closet so that nobody reads your work. Writing gives you happiness. It lets you have a peace of mind where you have great work but only for you to enjoy and not anyone else.



These are the different types of writers that we wanted you to know and even some that we might have missed in the list. Did you find your category? Tell us in the comments which category you found the most interesting?

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