Become a Content Writer

How to Become a Content Writer

Content writing is more like a process that gets better with time. You don’t have to be special or unique to become a content writer, but just condition your work process so that you know what is essential when it comes to writing content.

Content is a good piece of words chosen to craft meaningful and simple sentences. You usually write content so that you can answer some queries for your users. These users are not random, but a set of audiences who want to know something that you are an expert in.

Good content is all about an effortless read. If your reader keeps reading from the introduction to a conclusion without skipping the parts in-between then congrats you were successful in crafting great content. Just remember you don’t have to litter your content with endless jargon and fancy vocabulary to fascinate your audience. The readers feel most comfortable when the English are simple, the text is small, crisp, and easy to read and content has great value.

Before we go ahead and dive in to know how to become a content writer, let’s understand what is content?

What Do We Mean By Content?

Content is king

Content is value in the form of words that educate, inform, persuade, entertain, or convince the target audience.

Do you know how you can become a professional content writer? It’s very simple. Look around and see what piece of information is looked up the most on search engines (related to your niche). If you can observe, analyze, and then curate content for it, you are in for a lot of leads and traffic.

How To Become A Content Writer: A Complete Guide

How to become a content writer


1. Narrow Down Your Niche

Now, it’s not humanly possible to know everything but yes, you can be an expert in something. If you wish to be a good content writer all you have to do is select a specific niche rather than attempting all. This will make you a subject expert and you can grab very specific opportunities from the market. Remember, the niche you choose should have enough demand for content.

2. Create A Remarkable Portfolio

Now that you know what niche you will be working on, what according to you is the next step? Approach a client? Well, that’s the wrong answer. If you want to get good work and recognition in the industry then its best you build a content writingFbe portfolio first. Before you get work from the industry write a few blogs, make an eBook, work on an Infographic, and showcase it or promote it through social channels or on different platforms like Behance. This can automatically get you an audience.

3. Prepare An Elevator Pitch

Do you know what an elevator pitch is? Well, it’s where you get 30 secs to pitch your idea to your prospective client and get his attention. Mostly a pitch is sent through emails to clients. So how can you build a pitch that is simple, clear, and to the point? Here are a few pointers that you may like to implement:

  • Have a clear and small subject line
  • Add personalization, e.g. Dear Alexander,
  • Show reference (tell them where you saw their requirement or where did you find them?)
  • Tell the person why you should be chosen for the job
  • Share your portfolio to make an impression
  • Share links of your social presence (LinkedIn account, blog)
  • An email signature (with complete details)

After sending the email wait for at least two days before you follow up. Also, check for day and time, for instance, don’t mail on Sundays else your mail will be lost in the pile or mail during morning hours and not in the evening to get a reply.)

4. Join Group And Network To Collaborate Or Get Work

Your best chance of getting content writing work is by being on networks like Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork where people search for content writers to assign work. You can also join groups and communities on Facebook and LinkedIn. There are even some WhatsApp and Telegram groups where the requirement is posted.

5. Apply In Companies With Job Opening 

You can apply for a job directly through email in a content writing company or join an in-house team of a company that is related to your niche. You can make a profile on job portals like Indeed, Trovit and Naukri. Set an email alert so that every time there is a job opening related to your interest, you can get an email. LinkedIn jobs also share the job openings in content writing, which you can directly apply to. Remember, you should find the right person within the company if applying directly. Don’t forget to send your portfolio along so that they can seriously consider you for the job position.

Qualifications To Become A Content Writer

You can take a deep breath because this is one profession that doesn’t demand fancy degrees. But it would surely hurt your position if you don’t have adequate knowledge of how the content process works. Instead of making your writing creative, you are to make sure your content is a solution for your audience.

Learn the basics of SEO and try to know how keywords work. This is not optional anymore. You can keep yourself updated with any algorithm updates in search engines so that you are prepared in advance. Also, knowledge in these can position you as an experienced candidate and may help you clear an interview.

Final Words

You cannot become a good content writer in a day, week, or month’s time. It is an ever-learning process. Apply for a job in a content writing company and get all the experience you need. No matter which content writing company you decide to work with, follow the pointers I have mentioned above, and build your credibility. If you are someone that loves writing every day and plans to become a successful content writer, drop your portfolio at We would be more than happy to meet the right candidates and employ them if they fit our requirements.

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