How To Write A Script For A Podcast

The Ultimate Guide: How To Write A Script For A Podcast

In today’s era, Podcast Script is very high in demand. Podcasts are a highly famous medium for both news as well as entertainment and podcast listening has been on the rise each passing year.

What Is A Podcast?

A podcast is a unique and different type of audio broadcasting on the internet. It could be listened to anytime either on the way to the office or even while working. It’s purely a content medium that doesn’t need all of your target audience’s care and devotion like a video, an article, or a blog post. But writing a killer script for podcasts could be a complicated task. So don’t worry in this blog post, you will know how to write a script for a podcast and related formats.

Let’s start.

A potential listener will always, stay tuned to a show if it takes them on a wonderful voyage. As a podcaster, only you are responsible for outlining the ride that each episode takes. The best efficient method of getting this correct is through a razor-sharp podcast script. It doesn’t have to be exactly word for word.

Merely some good and strong bullet points that will facilitate you to guide your views through the episode ride.

Preferably bringing the listener along with you. An exceptional way to make sure your podcast show’s victory is to create a podcast script.

On top of that, a powerful script can help save whereas editing after you record, at the same time as also keeping your plane of thought in check, so you don’t run out of things to say.

Though, it may look like creating a podcast script may overpower creative success, making your episode sound forged: just remember, originality and imagination require structure to flourish…

Highly famous podcasts are fruitful because of realistic structure, outstanding scriptwriting, and appropriate planning. Before I describe how to write a podcast script, we should discuss why it is important and how it can make sure your podcast’s success surely.


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Different Types Of Podcast Scripts

If you really wish your podcast to be a triumph that tightly holds listeners, one of the great tactics is to strike a ball running by opening every single episode with a tetchy podcast script.

Each podcast script must be original; it completely depends on the host and the kind of show you run. It is vital to concoct segmented subjects ahead of time because it will facilitate you strike every point you are attempting to make on each episode.

Though, there are several choices for identifying which style you wish your podcast script; there are no correct or incorrect. You have to know which perfectly works for you.


Bullet points

This is one of the quickest forms for creating exceptional podcast scripts. You require to share brief particulars for every single topic you want to cover. Preferably, this style gives some form of strong structure for your episode… However, you might love spontaneity, we still don’t want you to walk uselessly. Also, we don’t want you to drop your listeners on your ride.


Completely scripted

A completely scripted podcast will facilitate you to plan everything you want to say before you strike the record button. You have the whole thing well done; you know what exactly you will say. Frequently, it is a common opening point for fervent podcasters.

It facilitates you to cover everything you wish, read through, and be definite that you will get your facts straight and not skip anything. This way is perfect for people who are not very self-assured when speaking.


Talking points

A script that encompasses talking points is the simplest style to select from. The only thing you require is a good and catchy topic. The discussion will decree what the entire content of the rest of the episode will be.

Always keep in mind that there is no correct or incorrect for fashioning your podcast script. Any podcast episode’s victory depends on 50% of the podcast script format and 50% on the delivery.

How To Write A Podcast Script


1. Use A Chatty And Relaxed Tone

The biggest challenge comes when writing a podcast script is keeping a chatty and relaxed tone. In a few cases, podcasters speak right from the script… this is not desirable. It echoes like you’re reading the newscast, badly.

Always try to keep your words as easy as possible; dumb your sentences down, as if you are chatting to someone in real life.

Most good podcasters always write their script by using speech-to-text apps. It facilitates them to come up with a brilliant podcast script that sounds like how they talk to someone. Accepting this way will facilitate you to create a good and natural flow.

If you properly use the speech-to-text style, then you will have to edit the script and polish the rough chunks. You can easily find this amazing feature on Google Docs.


2. Insert Unmatched Delivery Notes

You wish to sound as normal and comfortable as possible when podcasting… Delivery notes can help with this.

Delivery notes are doodles and signs within the podcast script that indicates fun, gaps, sighs, emphasis, and every other kind of melodramatic effect. All these aspects give life to your podcast script and also facilitate the flow to feel normal.

Try to do practice your script by reading them audibly and acting out the delivery notes. You could also do this for a friend or merely in front of the mirror.


3. Imagine A Friendly Phone Chat

As simple as this may sound, it isn’t simple to implement. As a newbie podcaster, you might find it difficult to talk to individuals without seeing them directly. So now you have to do one thing is to envisage that you are having a phone chat with a good friend. Do you have to give a comprehensive description of every single sentence? No. Though, you have to remember that your job is to be willingly prepared to paint an exact picture of all ideas, subjects, or pictures that need a more detailed description for your listeners. They are completely blind to the concept of what you are attempting to say; your podcast script should give them the vision.


4. Keep It Concise And Leave Room For Flexibility

A concisely written script leaves room for some creativeness throughout the recording. There is room to enlarge the script on the spot and always be flexible. If you are reading a script straight, you will lose your ordinary flow; this is why you must evade writing out every line you desire to speak on the show. Only comprise the important points.

The flexibility that comes with maintaining your script concise is pleasant. When talking, you can select to use diverse words to define numerous situations.

This also goes for the subjects you will talk about, and the stories you will voice. By leaving space for new and creative views on the show, you will make your show exhilarating and original. In today’s world, no one wishes to listen to a machine-like show, and several newbie podcasters make this blunder.

Newbie podcasters wish to cover every single factor, and in the procedure, they usually fail to recall to leave room for new views that may come up throughout the process of recording… Always remember, the ride could take a different way when recording.


5. Own Your Good Podcast Script

Each podcast script is dissimilar. As much as there are podcast script examples and formats to follow, your podcast script has to be exclusively yours. There are two types of podcasters; one is to like to add more particulars in their original script while others usually choose good and concise bullet points. You have to use the way that works perfectly for you.

If you have exceptional signs as well as marks that support you recall the subsequent line of action, then you must use them in your podcast script without a doubt.

Nevertheless, you should also reminisce that the individual segment’s scripting way differs. Whereas some parts require a whole heap of scripting, some don’t. An instance is your sponsor message – you may wish to write this in your podcast script word for word to make sure you don’t skip anything.

Despite your preference for your script’s selection, you should never fail to recall the podcast episode theme and the overall objective to keep you always on the right track.


An Easy Format For Podcast Script

To save time, we suggest creating a proper and easy script format for podcasts. This will surely expurgate the time it takes to create the script for all forthcoming episodes. You can also paste this into your homework document for every single episode and then update it as per that episode’s voyage.

Here is a good instance podcast script format for a solo podcast, however, it can simply be adapted to comprise a guest.

  • Music introduction
  • Host introduction
  • Sponsor note/ message
  • Topic 1: Title
  1. Main point
  2. Supporting point
  3. Essential data
  4. Related quote
  • Segue (could be anything like an idiom, sound effect, effect, or music clip)
  • Topic 2: Title
  1. Main point
  2. Supporting point
  3. Essential data
  4. Related quote
  • Summary of the core message
  • Sponsor note/ message
  • Outro music


Planning is very important when it comes to podcasting. Writing a podcast script is a reliable and excellent way to make sure you are sufficiently prepared. Even though it doesn’t have to be word for word, you wish to have a remarkable script as a guide to support you stay always on track and keep you motivated while also giving you a chance to be original, innovative, and flexible. Own your podcast script, write as you think fit, and take your listeners on the unforgettable ride with you through your cherished episodes.