How to Write Content for Email Marketing

How to Write Content for Email Marketing? 8 Best Tips

Email marketing has evolved much in the past couple of years. Today, businesses all over employ a number of cutting-edge technologies for this purpose. And why not? Every email that you send to your readers reveals some or the other aspect of your business. Relevant, informative, and easy-to-read emails foster trust and credibility for your brand. Did you know that the standard open rate for emails across different domains is 22.86%? Suffice to say that emails are the preferred form of getting information for most consumers. In such a scenario, it’s essential to know how to write content for email marketing. Well, you can start creating great emails by keeping in mind certain best practices outlined in this post.


Why Top-Notch Email Content is Essential?

You can design a stunning email, but it will be useless if it does not contain a captivating and relevant message. Today, approximately 90 percent of B2B marketers employ email marketing. So, you definitely need some perfect email copies if you want to stand apart from your competitors.

Good email copies allow you to develop emails that

  • Communicate proper messages to your audience in a compelling manner.
  • Possess a unique brand voice that is relevant and relatable.
  • Forge a long-lasting relation with your readers.
  • Narrate your brand story.
  • Share an upcoming product or service.
  • Power conversions.


Content Best Practices for Writing a Great Email Content

You can communicate practically anything with email marketing. However, every compelling content is based on some core foundational components. So, before actually sitting down to create the content, ensure that you give due consideration to these four best practices related to content.


Establish a single content objective

Ask yourself this question. What is it that you want to achieve with this email? Do you have a clear answer to this question? If you don’t, then it’s highly likely that your email content will scatter all over the place. It will only result in your readers feeling confused and uninterested.


Outline the needs of your readers and audience

Great content is relevant content. It means that you need to comprehend what exactly your readers want. On its basis, you give them content that satisfies their needs. If you haven’t made buyer personas, your email content is likely to be ineffective. It allows you to deliver messages that fully resonate with your target audience.


Let your message be visually appealing.

Do you like to read messages on your mails that are characterized by dense paragraphs, zero subheadings, and a boring formatting style? Certainly not. Likewise, when your subscribers open your email and see such content, they won’t feel the urge to read it further. So, it’s important to use imagery to communicate your message. Remember that a reader only scans your content once. Make an incredible first impression by enhancing it’s visual aesthetics.


Never neglect call to action

When you tell your readers what you desire them to do, it will always result in you achieving your goal. It implies using direct language in emails and always ending it with a definite call to action. Furthermore, locate that call to action in a place that the reader can immediately find. It is crucial for those subscribers who tend to scan an email.


How to Write Content for Email Marketing – Best Techniques to Implement

Now you are familiar with the fundamentals of a compelling email. They are enough to get you started. Still, you should also know how to write content in a manner that keeps your reader engaged. Given below are the most effective techniques for email marketing that you should start using right away.


1. Grab your reader’s attention with a great subject line

 A good subject line directly impacts the open rate of your emails. It should be created in a way that instantly captivates the attention of your reader and retains it. Some things you should remember while writing one are given below.

  • Be your authentic best – Don’t try to copy someone else. It’s only the most creative and original subject lines that stimulate curiosity of the reader.
  • Keep the line below 50 characters – If you create a line that’s more than this length, it won’t reflect fully in the mail.
  • Place some emojis – Email emojis can impart a fun element to your mails.
  • Refrain from using caps lock – Caps lock can give your mail an unprofessional look.
  • Keep the line relevant and lucid – You only have a few seconds of your reader’s attention. Make the most of it by writing a simple and focusses subject line.


2. Pay attention to your word choice.

 Emails are short and concise. Hence, each and every word in it counts. To stir the imagination of your subscribers, your message should strike a chord with their emotions. It should be actionable. For it to happen, do the following.

  • Make use of analogies.
  • Fill your copies with sensory words, so they can see and feel what you are trying to say with your words.
  • Use power words. These are persuasive words like ‘buy now’, ‘limited time,’ ‘save your spot,’ and the like.


3. Use the psychology of your reader.

Every human being’s brain is developed to react in certain ways to specific scenarios. If you know that, you can use it to make highly converting email copies. Some things that stimulate readers to click on your mail are:

  • FOMO or fear of missing out. It’s the reason why time-limited discounts work so great.
  • The choice of color. Different colors evoke different reactions. Make use of it in your CTA buttons.
  • Include social proof. It will indicate to your readers that other people like your services.


4. Don’t do all the talking.

When you are conversing with your readers, it’s never wise to only talk and not listen to their opinions. Healthy conversations and dialogues are a good combination of sharing and listening. So, in your emails, ask questions from your readers. Furthermore, after asking, let them respond. They can either respond directly to your message or provide their valuable inputs through a survey link.

Many subscribers aren’t motivated to engage with surveys and questionnaires. You can spark their curiosity by giving them the option to enter into a prize draw. These things will enable you to find what exactly your readers want.


5. Leverage incentives

 After completing a great mail, the next step is to find ways to persuade your readers a bit more to click open the email. It is exactly here that incentives can prove to be so useful. Some examples of incentives you can consider putting in your emails are:

  • Free delivery
  • Special discount
  • A free of cost online course
  • A PDF guide.
  • A journal they can download
  • Access to your private Facebook community.


6. Personalize your email copies

 Personalization is a big part of knowing how to write content for email marketing. It is the simplest way of connecting with your readers. Do you know that around 74 percent of marketers agree that emails that are personalized to specific customers boost engagement? It thus paves the way for helping you gain many opportunities.

Personalization can start by greeting your subscriber with their name. It can also be wishing them birthday wishes. This tactic makes them feel more welcomed and connected to you.


7. Outline benefits rather than features of your offering

Features are plain facts about your service. They don’t give the reader any reason to invest in it. On the other hand, benefits are what forge a powerful emotional rationale in their minds to use what you have to offer. Also, try to use direct pronouns throughout your copy. Using the pronoun ‘you’ in your copies will go a long way in making the content more relatable and personal.

Another great strategy is to start the email with an action verb. Tell the reader precisely what he or she can do with your product. Before you dispatch the email, make sure that the solution you have provided actually satisfies the reader’s problem.


8. Be human

Your email subscribers are humans. So, there’s no use in writing in a manner that feels like talking to a machine. Write your emails in a conversational manner. Think as if you are chatting with your friends. It will allow you to appear as someone who is funny yet honest. Your email copy will become relational and genuine. As a result, your subscribers will love engaging with your content.


Wrapping up

Email marketing is hands down a perfect way to connect deeply and personally with your audience base. When you know how to create compelling content for email marketing, you are set on the track to enhancing your content campaigns. Well-crafted emails are proven to build brand engagement. You just need to know how to create them. If you find the whole process a bit overwhelming, feel free to avail yourself of expert email writing services. The professionals are adept at writing thought-provoking emails to perfection!