Article Writing

Article Writing: All You Need To Know About It

With the rise of the content marketing landscape, various forms of writing like Article Writing, blog writing, social media, press releases, etc are gaining popularity among writers and readers. This blog includes everything you need to know to excel in the art of article writing. So, let’s get started.

What is an Article?

Do you remember reading content in a newspaper or magazine that showcases the opinion or believes of the writer who has written it? Well, that’s exactly what we call article writing. An article is a piece of writing published in newspapers, magazines, journals, etc., with an aim to reach a wider audience that might benefit from the write-up or might be interested in reading it.

An article is not good enough if it fails to achieve its objective.


Objectives behind writing an article:

Because an article reaches a wider audience at a fast pace, it is mostly kept formal and easy to understand. This helps in achieving the following objective of article writing.

Objectives behind writing an article


Article Writing Format 

How to write an article impressively is a common question among readers. Though there are numerous sources that can help you with an article writing format, we are here to offer you more.

Therefore, in this blog, we will share the perfect way to compose an article; outlining the correct format of article writing and some interesting tips to excel in this art of writing.


Main ingredients to writing an Article:

Ingredients to writing an Article


Pre-requisites: To Write According To Article Writing Format

Before you jump in to write an article, there are few things you must identify first to begin writing an article with clarity.

  • Select the topic: Select an interesting/ trendy topic and stick to it while doing research.
  • Analyze target audience: Know who are the readers and what is going to interest them.
  • Define purpose: You must write with an aim.
  • Research: Conduct proper research and gather all the information you must include in your article.
  • Structure: Arrange all the information in the way you want to showcase it. This helps in binding the attention of the readers.


Common Do’s & Dont’s With Article Writing Examples

A few common queries that we receive from newbie writers are enlisted below. We have classified them in the Dos & Dont’s in the further section.

  1. Articles must consist of lengthy paragraphs
  2. The writer’s name is a must
  3. The title can be explanatory and long
  4. Heading or title must be clear and concise
  5. Introduction and conclusions must carry facts and findings
  6. Language must be according to the readers/ target audience
  7. It can include imagination or fiction
  8. The topic must be of interest to the readers
  9. Only three paragraphs must be included- introduction, middle one, and conclusion
  10. Use proper punctuations, grammar, and vocabulary
  11. Self-made words, jargon, abbreviations can be included
  12. The writing style and language must be formal

Common Do’s & Dont’s With Article Writing Examples

Smart Tips for Writers For Excellent Article Writing

The thought of writing an article might seem daunting, especially when you have strict deadlines to follow. But it should not let you compromise the quality of your writing. Here are a few tips which you must follow to write an article effectively within the deadline. Let’s check them out one by one.


1. Avoid writer’s block:   

According to some professional writers, writer’s block is not even a thing. Writer’s block has no chance if you keep the information ready with you when you start writing. Make pointers of all the information you wish to add to the article. So, whenever you get stuck, you simply pick a point and start writing about it.


2. Eliminate sources of distraction:

Writing is all about ideas or imagination. And for both, you need to concentrate. It is better to get rid of all the distractions like mobile phones, social media, TV, etc., before you start writing to complete the article on time.


3. Comprehensive research: 

Research is an important part of articles but also takes a lot of time. Limit your research to the points you must add in your article and keep a specific deadline to complete your research. Once you have gathered all the important information, focus only on article writing.


4. Keep it clear and concise:

The attention of readers generally lasts a few seconds. These few seconds are all you have to grab their attention and keep them engaged with your article. Therefore, keep your article; the language, tone, and structure- simple and easy to understand. Focus on all the important factors in your article and eliminate the fuss. This helps in achieving the objective behind article writing.


5. Structure using bullet points: 

Writing in bullet points is a plus for both, the writer and the readers. Bullet points grab the attention of the readers and make the writing easy to understand, whereas a writer can add the information in an article more effectively using bullet points.

Additionally, if an article is to be published online, chances are that the search engine crawlers focus on the heading and the pointers and the reach of the article to the target audience will increase.


6. Proofread and Revise:

There are two types of writers, one who goes with the flow while writing and the other who keep on editing the content while writing. Irrespective of whether you have deadlines are not you must keep on writing and edit or proofread your content at the end. This is also the best way to avoid writer’s block or any delays. So, once you are done with writing your article, read it again and make the necessary edits to improve it.

In addition to the above tips, here is a bonus tip for you.


7. Bonus Tip: 

You can not afford to ignore proofreading your article before submitting it. Any compromise on the quality or structure of the content can lead to failure in achieving the main objective of article writing.


Wrapping Up:

Now, that you know exactly how to write an article, you can surely achieve your objective. Follow the article writing format and the tips exactly the same to write an engaging, unique and informative article.