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eCommerce Copywriting Guide for Creating Content That Converts

Today, a robust content marketing strategy is imperative for any business to gain the success they desire. For eCommerce businesses, content marketing particularly influences attracting, engaging, and nurturing prospective leads. Copywriting is a core element of content writing. It refers to the type of writing where the focus is on developing content that facilitates your target consumers to take action. Consequently, it utilizes persuasive words and phrases that your buyers can resonate with. In today’s dynamic eCommerce scenario, you can possess a perfect website design, great products, and a robust value proposition. But everything will fall flat if you don’t have a persuasive service or product copy. It is here that eCommerce copywriting plays a significant role. It engages and entices your audience to buy your offerings.

What Does eCommerce Copywriting Mean?

In simple words, copywriting for eCommerce is an intricate art, one that is based on the psychology of your customers. An eCommerce copywriter imparts a business website with the creative boost it needs for converting visitors into revenue-generating customers.

Copywriting for eCommerce can be the creation of any written content for an eCommerce store. Product descriptions, category pages, headlines, landing pages, promo offers, all of them come under it. These are the places where effective writing skills can help to bring about an increase in sales. The ultimate goal of eCommerce copywriting services is to delineate the benefits and advantages of your offerings properly. At the same time, it also propels your store to rank higher on various search engines.

In order to be successful in this digital era, businesses need to communicate clearly to their audience with persuasive words to promote their brand’s voice. Skilled copywriters thus understand the audience’s psychology and buying behavior and create a range of content that convinces them to try out your offerings.

How to Ensure the Success of an eCommerce Copywriting Process?

Now that you have understood what is eCommerce copywriting, it’s also important to understand the process to generate compelling copies. It enables the creation of attention-grabbing specimens that creates a unique identity for your brand.

Understand the details about the product

The secret to creating copies that hook readers’ attention is to understand the details about a specific offering. The copies should be true to your brand identity. It’s important to establish a distinct Unique Selling Proposition for your audience to discover precisely what you are selling. A great USP should answer the following:

  • Reasons your prospects should purchase the products.
  • How your offering will resolve their pain points.
  • What makes your offering distinct from your competitors?

Know about your audience’s preferences

You should also determine what your target audience prefers, where they are from, and their pain points. The easiest way of doing it is by researching about them. Make use of online surveys to learn about your typical audience base. Once you determine the unique preferences of your audience, the process of copywriting for eCommerce becomes seamless. It becomes easy to personalize your sales copy according to the demands of your customers. You can gain various insights into your target market’s goals and challenges through sights like Quora and Reddit. Browse these platforms for your keywords, and you’ll uncover a lot of revelations about your target audience that facilitate the creation of compelling copies.

Leverage the Power of Storytelling

An attractive copy in various eCommerce copywriting examples, like product descriptions and landing pages, paints a picture of how life will be different after purchasing a product. The writers of eCommerce content writing services paint this picture by using their language proficiency. A good storyteller uses simple words so that any kind of reader can well understand their message.

Some tips to follow for telling your brand story in your copies are listed below.

  • Make short sentences – Short sentences help in increasing the readability of the content. Sentences between 14 to 20 words are perfect for conveying different aspects of a product or service.
  • Refrain from using passive voice – Sentences written in passive voice are difficult for the readers to understand. Using active voice is thus highly recommended for creating copies that catch readers’ attention.
  • Maintain a uniform writing tone – Maintain a uniform style from the beginning till the end of the copy. It keeps the message consistent throughout your offerings.
  • Keep the content relevant – When creating copies, ensure that your body content is based on the headline. Your visitors choose to read your copies based on their headlines. So, ensure that it is not deviating from what you have mentioned in the headline.
  • Keep it concise – A copy with a length of 1000 words or below it is apt to retain the audience’s interest. If you have to develop long copies, make sure to keep them entertaining throughout.
  • Keep the target audience in mind – Always pay attention to the audience while writing. Ensure that whatever you are writing speaks to your customers directly. It will help them to relate better to your content.

Use the AIDA method.

AIDA is the best copywriting formula that you can find employed in the ecommerce copywriting examples of bestselling products. The method allows the customer to move from the awareness phase to that of conversion in the sales funnel. AIDA stands for:

  • Attention – It means capturing your reader’s attention.
  • Interest – Giving your audience something with which they can identify.
  • Desire – Making your customers want or crave your offering.
  • Action – Trigger the customer to make the purchase.

When the writers craft copies around the AIDA formula, you can be sure that they will be a hit among your audience. It’s a very flexible method that does not need the usage of many words. However, it succeeds in making your offerings truly irresistible.

Make simple, catchy, and informative headlines.

Approximately 8 in 10 people only go through the headlines of your copy? A headline is the first element that your target customers read. So, naturally, it should be catchy and click-worthy. No matter how amazing your article body is, you will not benefit from conversions if the headline of your copy is poorly written. It’s why an ecommerce copywriter focuses so much on crafting captivating headlines that will prevent the internet surfers from scrolling away from your product. some techniques to write engaging headlines and boost the click-through rate include the following:

  • Know for whom you are writing.
  • Create three headlines and then choose which best aligns with your audience.
  • Write the advert before writing the headline.
  • Articulate the problem in your headline. It allows the target audience to know if your product matches their needs or not.
  • Specify a significant advantage of your offering and incorporate it in the headline.
  • Communicate a sense of urgency on your sales copy headline. It makes it actionable.
  • Never make a headline that is similar to the one your competitors have made. The more creative and authentic you are, the more your prospective audience will resonate with your product.
  • Analyze if your headlines are resulting in conversions. If you find a low conversion over time, change them.
  • Don’t make the headlines confusing. It will prevent them from piquing their interest in your copy.

Outline the product benefits, rather than its features

People simply don’t care about what a particular product does. So, rather than focusing on your product features, emphasize the benefits it offers to the buyer. Experienced ecommerce copywriting services professionals do exactly that through their writing. Put simply, they write in a manner that closes the gap between where the customers are right now to where they would like to be.

A copywriting best practice that you can implement when penning product descriptions is to put a benefit with every feature. When you write in such a manner, the descriptions will trigger more emotion in your buyers. Its sales will consequently reflect this fact.

Don’t forget about creating a FAQ page.

Visitors engaging with a brand have tons of queries in their minds. A great way of addressing all the common queries is by creating a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. It’s a very helpful page to inform your visitors about your brand offerings. Apart from that, well-written FAQs also minimize the number of phone calls for customer support. The major goal of this page is to correctly answer all the queries of the prospects and turn them into buyers. It also enhances the website ranking on Google. Remember to write brief and precise answers and keep the FAQ page updated to reflect the changes in your pricing.

Wrapping up

The art of creating persuasive copies definitely isn’t a cakewalk. However, implementing the various techniques described above can allow you to notice a significant improvement in your copywriting endeavors. Remember to comprehend the requirements of your audience, their pain points, and accordingly craft copies that directly answer their issues. You can also avail yourself of trusted eCommerce writing services to get actionable copies and widen your customer base.