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No-Nonsense Guide To Write Good Content

Content Writing demands time, one’s ability to research, and hard work. So if you’re a writer who will invest yourself in writing something, why not make it worth some value. Crafting or Write good content does not happen by chance because a lot of creativity and expertise goes behind the process. Now many might wonder what’s bad or poor content? It is mainly an outcome of negligence and a bad thought process. It’s like doing a task, but not whole-heartedly.

There can be several reasons behind poor content. Firstly, you have no interest in writing and doing it just for money or due to pressure. Secondly, you do not have the knowledge and you are just looking to explore an unrelated avenue where you don’t belong. Lastly, you lack the understanding and process of developing good content. read this complete guide to writing good content

So now let’s define what is good content? Good content is one that appeals to both bots and human readers. It is something that is bespoke and compelling and has the power to influence a reader’s mind into taking an action or buying. Good content is powerful that most marketers leverage to engage and entertain their audience on a regular basis.

How To Build Great Content That Works Or Converts?

write good content

Keeping nonsense or fluff aside, great content comes with immense hard work and reasonable smart work.

So let’s explore how you can write content that matters?

1. Aim For Unique And Original

If you have watched a movie or read a story once you will avoid doing it again. This is because it’s not going to have the same suspense or effect on you the second time. The same goes for the readers. If they have read similar content to yours, they won’t show any interest in reading what you have to say no matter how valuable you think it is. So as a content creator your job is to write content that is unique and has a different style than others. It should have your personality, tone, and voice.

2. Write Actionable Content

The question that you must ask as a professional writer is “what is the goal of writing content in the first place?“ Every content must serve a purpose. For instance, I’m writing this blog to educate the audience on how to write good content & factors they should follow and building my authority in the content writing niche. Good content will give out valuable information, but great content will tell users how to apply it.

3. Offer a solution your Audience is looking for

If you are reading this blog right now, I am certain you are interested in writing good content. Thus it is my job to offer that solution to you right away than writing crap. So based on my experience and expertise I will write tips and tricks that you should follow if you have to engage your audience. This is what a content writer is expected to do. If your audience is ending up on your website or marketing document or ad or video, that means their query is answered somehow by your brand. So don’t miss this opportunity and make it count. Understand what made a user landed in the first place and make sure you have a solution to it.

4. Quote your sources correctly

If 5 writers are writing a blog on “how to make Red sauce pasta”, the information or recipe inside will be the same. The only thing that will differ is how they write it. Their style would be different. For instance, one writer can start by sharing one of their red sauce pasta experience other writers can tell how they got this recipe from their grandmother. The point here is that the information you are quoting comes from a source and therefore you need to make sure it’s legit. Because if a user finds your content engaging they might feel like checking out the reference you are quoting it from. This has a lot to do with building trust. If your sources are solid you can position yourself as an authority and your readers can always rely on you.

5. Don’t forget to add multimedia

Before online journals and web pages became a thing Magazines had a monopoly. People loved reading the content and especially the photo shoots in it. It was the attractive pictures that lead people into buying them. Similarly, if you want people to appreciate your content, do not overwhelm them with too much information. Add multimedia like an image, a podcast clip, and a video to engage them.

6. Let headlines turntable for you

Headlines are true winners. Whether you believe it or not, your blog’s fate might completely depend on how well your title is. If it’s not captivating, interesting, or unique, it may not get clicked at all. Now you have to find a way to get past the first stage of people opening your blogs, and articles which are only possible if you have headlines that leave your reader inquisitive is offering quick tips or strategies or making promises.

7. Crafting On-Demand Content

Good content is something that people want to read. So don’t create something that no one is looking for. Good content is all about blending in trend and sharing opinions in your voice. So ask yourself before writing, “ Is this the topic people would love to read about?” If you have the slightest doubt use tools and find how many monthly searches that topic is getting. If not much it’s better to drop it rather than investing your time.


Good content is arranged, has good grammar, and well researched. I won’t say that writing on-point content is easy, but certainly, practice can help you with perfection. Remember a good writer should always aim, to create content that has a fresh approach towards a concept and makes it timeless by choosing the right set of words. So go ahead and implement some of the tricks mentioned and see which ones work best for you.

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