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Everything You Need To Know About Web Content Writer And Their Schedule

The content is majorly used to describe anything created for reviewing/reading by an internet  audience. If creative writing is your passion, then the job of a web content writer is something you should seriously consider. A major portion of content writing is done for business purposes.

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Writing an article is an important aspect of any business description. They use their creative skill to read the potential customer’s mind.  A web content writer has overlapping dimensions for writing and has expertise in any specific field like blog writing or Ad & promo writing. Content writers can be assigned specific topics according to the client or they can think upon their ideas to make up strategies.

Though it seems an easy task at a glance, it requires a lot of research and deep digging since the article writer hasn’t mastered every topic.

Different content writers have different roles in the industry. The social media content writer writes content that engages the users to associate with the brand. The ad and promo writer shapes the ads in such a manner that it attracts potential buyers.

Almost 45 hours are spent in a week for research, thinking, and writing. Daily target goes up to

2-3K words per day. The word count can be low as 100 words for a commercial description or high as 2000 words for a blog post.

Website content writer schedule of the day

The day starts with surprise by opening the mailbox and listing the client’s needs. Every client is unique and requires a different approach towards the content. Some prefer short website content that reflects the content at a glance while others prefer detailed content. It’s necessary to communicate with the client for a better understanding of any change in the description. A web content writer uses many resources to discover useful interesting topic ideas. A content calendar is something that can help professional content writers in keeping track of their work. It includes customer names, the topics of the web content, assigned dates, deadlines, publishing dates, and more.

A major chunk of the daytime is spent on writing but deviations can be beneficial as well. The rest of the time can be used for helping marketing with different ideas and checking social media outputs.

How A Day Is Spent In The Life Of A  Web Content Writer?

The day in the life of a web content writer is fast-tracked, dynamic, and refining natural writing talents.

Someday might get involved in doing projects while on other days it goes in communicating with potential clients.

The day could be diverse, but the following will give a glimpse of a day.

As most of the office persons, the day begins with a morning schedule. Later it depends upon work nature as if we have to go to the office or work from home.

As a Website Content Writer, I schedule the most time-consuming and challenging tasks during the first hours and that mostly includes writing. While thinking about the right approach for the topic I finish my breakfast. The first few minutes are spent overviewing the leftover writings, new projects, their deadlines, etc.

During the lunch break, I usually go out for a walk and the rest is spent playing with my favorite pet. After the lunch break, the time is spent editing the article which is written in the morning session and making the necessary changes. After this, I usually call my client. Then, I take a small tea break for 15 minutes and write the articles that aren’t on the priority list. It gives me the freedom to write drafts, knowing that I will have enough time to work enough on them.

Before Wrapping Up I take up hassle-free tasks that don’t require much energy. Such as checking up mails, organizing the personal calendar, noting down the tasks that need to be done on the next day.

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