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Product Description

Get Online Product Description Services To Empower Your Sales

Instead of going to a physical store if visitors are coming online to check out your product you should make that count. With no salesman around to showcase what quality your product offers, it is the description that will decide whether you will have a new buyer or an audience that preferred other brands to you. Buyer behavior depends greatly on how you describe your product. You can either make it dull, with information overload, or make it interesting and captivating. Even online shopping offers an experience where a visitor actively reads about the product, it's reviews, rating, how well it is presented on the website aesthetically, etc. The main focus of the brand should be to invest time and effort into crafting a user-driven content.

  • Get high writing standards
  • Reach the right set of audience
  • Hire writers that are subject matter experts
  • Get your products ranked on search engines
  • Get SEO delight in your product description
  • Let the content speak your brand voice
  • Avail content that convinces a user to take action
  • 100% original & unique content

Hire Product Description Writers To Attract Visitors & Search Engine

A good product description writer makes sure that the content they write should convince a user that they have found the product they were looking for. It is challenging of course but a writer with a good storytelling approach can attract an audience. We at contentwriting companies have trained our writers on how to build emotional hooks and present the product in such a manner that the audience connects immediately. Our professional and skillful writers know the tricks to engage the audience and get them excited about the product offering. What sets our writers apart is that they pay equal attention to the needs of search engines and hence they create a balance between visitors and bots.

Why Choose Us?

  • We offer a scalable solution
  • Content appeals to both humans & bots
  • Fast turnaround time for project delivery
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Savvy product description writers with industry experience
  • We help you find your target audience
  • We become your brand's voice
  • Leverage SEO to help users find your products

What Makes Our Product Writers Stand Out?

  • Immense knowledge In SEO
  • Great understanding of buying behavior
  • Ability to appeal to the users

How We Work?

Share your Product List

You must share the list of products so that we can understand the target audience.

Get information on Product writer and Quotation

Once you confirm, we shall share the project cost and share information of the writer.

Pay Advance & start project

One project is confirmed and advanced is paid, the writers and editors execute the task.

Get high-quality Result

High quality work is delivered to the client

We Offer Product Description Writing Services Powered By SEO

Our team has e-commerce product description writers who know how to represent a product to both users and crawlers. Our handpicked writers deliver heightened sensory experience to every potential customer who reads and go through the product and makes sure that the search engine algorithm finds the keywords they are looking for during a relevant search query. As accomplished and experienced writers, the team leverages the power of SEO and get the products ranked. The real win happens when a customer enters the requirement on the search engine as a query and your product shows in the search results. The customer gets the first impression that your product has the quality and is a trusted brand to appear in top searches. Thus, hire our product description writers to get your products in front of the right audience.


Why You Should Outsource Your Product Description Writing To Us?

If you hire our product description writing services, you will get exclusive content for every single product. While writing, we describe not only the features but also how users will get benefitted from the product offering. We describe the true value of the product and keep it free from any jargon and complexity. We understand that the buying decision depends greatly on the persuasiveness of the content hence we make the product description as compelling as possible. Once you hire us we assign only a niche writer to do the job, as only they will know what to include and what could be skipped. Again, the product description writers consider the tone and personality of your brand very seriously and make sure that the content absorbs the same touch. So outsource your work to our contentwriting team and get the best results.

Get The Quality Product Descriptions You Need

The quality of a product description can be defined by several factors such as making the product features clear immediately, explaining why a customer should buy it rather than stating out the product features bluntly, mentioning the USP of the product and adding call to actions to help user buy, wishlist it or add it to their cart. Quality product descriptions do not include stating out the obvious instead it’s about telling how your product is different from the market. Our savvy product description writers understand the drill and therefore make sure that every write up has high impact value, supported with rich keywords, and has a brand voice.

Let’s Us Curate the Relevant Content For Your Brand

Do you know what makes our content writing services exceptional? We can speak directly to the users with the personalized and relevant writing style and engage by providing a solution they were looking for. ContentWriting team doesn't work on building fancy sentences with unrivaled vocabulary (coz that comes naturally) instead they try to understand what a user would need when they finally navigate through your business website. We innovate the first impression between you and your prospect by directly addressing them and strike an emotion with the interplay of words. We personalize the experience of your visitors and help you position as an authority among your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have separate writers for product descriptions?

Yes, like we have blog writers, article writers similarly we have product description writers who curate content specifically for a specific audience. Once a writer is assigned to you for your project you can always request for their profile.

Do you have packages for product writing services?

We usually provide our pricing once we know the complete requirement. Though, there are some basic packages for fixed order quantity. You can reach out to us on our contact page and request pricing.

How you ensure that product description attracts an audience?

We have a special strategy that we use while product description writing. Our writers resonate with the content with the readers and make it about them. A buyer will only purchase a product if they are convinced that they need it and our content makes sure of that. We write content that matters not to the brand only but also the end audience.

Can you handle product writing in any category?

Yes, we have a big in-house team with writers excelling in different niches. So we can handle almost all major product categories. Our writers have years of industry experience and have written for some preeminent clients and companies. We can write for any product that your company sells and convince the buyers to buy your product.

Is there a minimum order quantity necessary?

No, there is not. You can place an order for any quantity as your project needs. Whether you have 10 products or 100, we are committed to providing the best. Assigning our best writers does not depend on the quantity. We will give our best effort and make sure you get the best outcome from our services and meet your business goal.

Do you write product descriptions in pointers or paragraphs?

Well, it depends on how long should the product description be. Also, it is always best to go for a combination of paragraphs and bullets. If there are a lot of features to mention then our writers prefer bullets. The paragraphs are usually 2-3 sentences long and easy to read. Our writers aim not to overwhelm the readers with too much information also as it may confuse them or bore them to switch to another website. A well-written product description makes sure that the reader stays on the landing page and keeps checking information.

Can you write a description for a targeted audience?

That is the only process we follow. Our team is trained well in how to write the product description for a business. We believe that these descriptions are more for the audience than the brand and hence they need to connect with it. A content that resonates will help in the buying process or decision-making process. The target audience is interested in knowing how a product can help them and what it has to offer. If that is mentioned in the product description then it can persuade the user to consider buying the product.

Do You Provide Samples Of Product Description?

We do have samples to show our clients. Most of them are published work. It is important for our clients to know us before they hand over the projects to our team. You can request the samples over email and we shall share it with you. Kindly note, we don’t do any samples. If you want us to do a small part of your project, it will be a paid service.

How can we ensure that content is 100% unique?

We handpick writers for all our projects. We have an in-house team that qualifies for the job only after they showcase their talent. Since we work with only experienced writers they understand the importance of unique content. Also, just to be sure we use tools to check if our articles are 100% original. Upon request, we can share a complete plagiarism report with our clients.

Do you optimize description as per SEO?

Yes, we believe that both audience and bots should find your products. Thus, we research the right set of keywords for your product description. We blend those keywords with the original content so that it is engaging to read. SEO optimized product descriptions ensure that your product shows up in search results when a search engine gets a query.